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Simple Baking Soda Deodorant

What you need: 

1/8 teaspoon of baking soda
1/4 teaspoon of water

What you do: 

Dissolve the baking soda into the water - the liquid should feel slippery, since sodium bicarbonate is a base - and apply directly to skin. Adjust quantities as necessary - you may need less, you may need more.
Since there's different "types" of water, you may need to adjust the recipe. If your water easily rinses away the "slimy" feel of sodium bicarbonate, you'll need to use more. If your water does not easily rinse it away, you'll need less.
Too much sodium bicarbonate will cause some skin irritation. It also needs to be dissolved sufficiently, because dry powdery baking soda can chafe skin just like sand.
By the way, the water solution will leave white stains on clothes or countertops wherever it drips and dries out, but it washes away easily. After all, another use of baking soda is as a cleanser!

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Is it possible to make a big batch of this and keep in a bottle for morning use, or will that weaken the strength of the baking soda (or cause other problems)? This works great but it'd be even better if I could pre-make it and not have to fool with measuring spoons every morning.  ;)


I switched to this in December, when this was posted on the Q&A board and I gotta admit, I was skeptical.  THIS WORKS!
I had been trying for years to switch from an aluminum base DO to one without and after collecting a bunch of sticks of mediocre deodorant, I was ready to resign myself to what ever health problems the aluminum may cause.  I refuse to stink.  So far, it has held up during some warmish spring days, hopefully it will make it through a southeastern summer.

I add a drop of essential oil on some mornings (not recommended on days you shave).  Lavender is delightful, peppermint is, well, minty fresh and I do not recommend tangerine, even if you didn't shave that morning.

Thanks a bunch!



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