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Simple and Yummy Textured Soy Protein Burgers

What you need: 

3/4 cup boiling water
3/4 cup textured soy protein granules
2 teaspoons arrowroot
1/4 cup oats
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
3 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon ketchup
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
oil, as needed for frying
4 sandwich buns, warmed

What you do: 

1. Mix boiling water into textured soy protein granules and let sit for 15 minutes. In another bowl, mix together arrowroot, oats, onion powder, garlic powder, flour, soy sauce, ketchup, salt, and pepper.
2. Once textured soy protein is rehydrated, add oat mixture to textured soy protein and mix well. Cover and place in the fridge for 15 minutes to allow textured soy protein to firm up.
3. Remove textured soy protein and divide into quarters. With your hands, roll each quarter into a ball and flatten into a patty shape.
4. Lightly brush each side with oil and add some oil to a large skillet. Heat oil until a drop of water sizzles, then add patties to the skillet. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side.
Assemble the sandwich with lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes. Enjoy!

Preparation Time: 
45 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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this was very good! the only problem was that I was in a hurry and tried to fry the burgers before they had time to firm up. the left-over mixture spent the night in the fridge and definitely stayed together better the next day (though still kinda fell apart when I flipped them). I subbed flax goop for the arrowroot, but I think I may have used too much, which may be why the mixture was so wet. next time I'll either cut back on the egg sub or bake the burgers so that they stay together. overall, an easy and yummy sub for store bought burgers!


This recipe is just too good to be true! It's a veggie burger that stays together (really well!), it's really fast and easy to make, and it's delicious! What more could I want? I added a handful of grated carrots and some savory seasoning. I used cornstarch in place of the arrowroot, and I also added some dijon mustard to the mix, and that was about all I changed. Make this super duper recipe! And double it!


This recipe was sooo yummy!!  I followed the recipe as is and found it to be perfect!!  I served the burgers with homemade whole wheat buns!! I will def make this again!  Even my carnivorous husband gobbled it up!


Oh good gravy these were yummy! I added some italian seasoning and used corn starch because I didn't have arrowroot. I would also cut the salt by at least half. But I will be making these all summer!


awesome thank you!


i have quick oats on hand... would it make a difference if i use these? would i still use the same amount as i would with plain oats? anybody know about this?

I haven't made this recipe specifically, but I find that quick oats often actually work better that regular ones when I make burgers. Really, the biggest difference between the two is that quick cooking oats are just a bit more ground up than old-fashioned ones (speeds up the cooking process). Since you're going to be mashing stuff up in this recipe anyway, I would think you should be fine subbing 1-1.


i have quick oats on hand... would it make a difference if i use these? would i still use the same amount as i would with plain oats? anybody know about this?


Thank you SO MUCH for posting this recipe!  I've been looking for something like this for quite a while.  While I do love black bean burgers and chickpea burgers, etc. sometimes I want something with a meaty consistency, and this is it!  The frozen grocery store ones are SO expensive for what they are, and this is a wonderful substitute. 

This was my first time using TVP at home, and I can see that I will be using it a *lot* from now on!

I found the mixture just a tad bit too salty, so I will probably cut down on the salt next time.  I'm also interested in trying other seasoning combinations and add-ins with this.

Thanks again for posting this!!  You rock!


these did not turn out too well for me.......but that's because I messed around with the recipe  ;D
When rehydrating the TVP I thought it looked too dry and so added more water.  Then when I tried to make the burgers at the end they were too wet - d'oh, what an idiot I am!!  Ha ha ha!

BUT i think that if I had followed the recipe then they would have been fantastic.

I followed the recipe exactly (except too much water) and because of my mistake I then had too add a couple more tablespoons of flour.  I think that when I make it again - and I will - without extra water then these would come out perfectly.
With the addition of the extra flour I then decided to bake them - they were too mushy to fry up and I tend to bake burgers whenever it says to fry them.  I had my oven on at 180C (~350F) and cooked them for 10mins then flipped them over and cooked for a further 10mins.  They were perfectly cooked, so definitely bake them if you so desire.
The texture of the cooked burger was more what my 'meaty' style store bought veggie burgers have rather than any bean burgers that I have made.  This is something I really liked.

The recipe as is would be a good base for other flavourings or veggie additions - I like secondbase's idea of adding grated carrot - I bet that would be really good.

Overall an easy recipe to make - although a bit time consuming just because of waiting around for the TVP to rehydrate and then firm up.  But if you're making something else to go with it I guess it wouldn't be too bad.  Next time I'll try making a double batch and then freezing some - I bet there'd be no problem, but we'll see.

A good recipe that I would recommend.


Very simple and tasty but I found they seemed to soak up an unhealthy amount of oil.  I had to keep adding more to keep the pan from burning.



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