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Real Deal Falafel

What you need: 

2 cups dried chick peas
1 cup dried split yellow peas
3-5 jalapeno peppers (to taste)
1 bunch parsley
2 pita breads (stale ok!)
2 onions medium
lots of garlic
red pepper

What you do: 

This recipe is adapted from my work in a lebanese resto, so I can tell you it is authentic!
Soak the peas and beans overnight but do not cook if you have a grinder, grind the peas and beans, adding the chopped peppers, onion, cleaned parsley, and garlic (to taste, but about 7-8 cloves). At the same time, mix in the pita vegan bread to the grind (it binds the falafel). After all the beans and veggies are ground, you will need to get your hands in the mix and blend it all up evenly. You can then add cumin and coriander, pepper and salt to taste. Now, use a tablespoon to scoop and form little patties, which you can arrange on a baking sheet. Once the sheet is full, you should freeze the patties. This way they are easy to deep fry (the best way to do it, and they keep for a long time). Use an oil that heats well, such as canola, and get it good and hot before you cook. When you are ready, add some frozen falafels, but not so many that the oil cools. You want them to crisp on the outside instantly and not absorb oil. When the falafels float to the top of the oil, they should be done. Email me if you have any questions!

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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I made this recipe last night for supper & they were yummy. I followed the recipe exactly using at least 7 cloves of Garlic  & even with 4 Jalapeno peppers, we found they didn't have the bite we were expecting. Oh well, we'll try a different kind of pepper next time.

This recipe is so easy to prepare & made 50 Falafels. I have enough left in the freezer for another meal :)

This is an awesome recipe  :)


Excellent recipe, easy to follow, and disappeared FAST. I had it served with a little hummus.

Blended -- DO NOT cook the chickpeas befor forming the falafel patties. If you're finding that they're not ground finely enough, pulse them in smaller batches.


Fantastic and really easy.  We will be eating this often!


do not cook the dahl befor grinding, grind it finer and use your hands to smush it up more before making patties

if you cook the dahl first you will end up with something similiar to refried beans

real falafels arent creamy smooth in texture inside, the only falafels i see like that are comercially prepared precooked frozen ones without much flavour



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