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Raw "Take the cake" Carrot and Raisin Bar

What you need: 

1/2 cup filtered water
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup pecans
1 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 teaspoon fresh zested lemon peel (zest 1/2 lemon)
1 medium carrot, chopped
1/2 cup raisins

What you do: 

1. Mix the water with the vanilla, and soak the nuts and seeds for 4 hours. Then process all ingredients but the raisins. Once mixture is smooth, stir in raisins.
2. Make patties or bars out of combined mixture. Make them thin.
3. Place in food dehydrator (best method) and dry for 12-24 hours (or until dry.) Turn patties after 6 hours.
4. If you do not have a dehydrator you can preheat oven on lowest setting (mine was 170 degrees), place patties on cookie sheet lined with paper towel or paper bag (make sure to check them occasionally; this helps them dry and not stick), and dry for 5-6 hours. Turn the bars over after 2 or 3 hours. If you like your bars really crisp (like me) it would be good to check them near the end and see if they need more time.
All ingredients should be raw, organic and non-irradiated, whenever possible.
Tastes like a cookie, and a little like a carrot cake, but without all the sugar.

Preparation Time: 
10 min prep/soak time + hours
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


I just made these yesterday and took one out of the dehydrator to try.  WOW!!!  These are so good!!!!!!!!  I added some pure maple syrup to mine to add sweetness and it tasted amazing!  These are definitely a keeper in my family.  The best thing about them is that they are raw!!!  Thank you so much for posting this!  You get a 10 star from me!


Yummy!  These look really good!!  I have a dehydrator so I'm going to make these.  I will enjoy having a delicious raw treat to eat during the day.  Fruit and vegetables are good, but sometimes it's just nice to have something that tastes like a cookie, and this will do the trick!  Thank you for posting the recipe!


I am soo stoked about this one. I am a big fan of "cliff bars" but they are so expensive and are quite fatty. These seem really low on fat if any and very cheap to make. I'm going to keep mine sticky:D


These have been in the oven for at least 5 hours... turned them half way and they feel firmer and darkened up so I sliced them into bars. But the middle is uncooked (unhardened, whatever the raw version is) so I'm putting them back in the oven. I had them @ 50 C which is like, 110 F
Wish I had a dehydrator! They smell good though!


I haven't dehydrated/baked these yet but the mixture tastes awesome!
I'll post again after they're ready. :)

I changed the recipe because I wanted to make a carrot cake like Larabar thing. :)
  I processed:
    3/4 cup walnuts (just because I had them and not pecans)
    3/4 cup sunflower seeds
    1/2 scant cup filtered water
    1 teaspoon vanilla powder
    1/4 teaspoon dried lemon peel
    1 cup baby carrots
    6 oz dates
    1/8 t. nutmeg
    1 t. cinnamon

    1/2 cup raisins <---- Oh no!  :o I just realized I forgot to put these in!


I have a question about this recipe and other raw bars and stuff like this... how long do they last? and are they freezable? my boyfriend wouldnt eat these, just me, so i couldnt eat them in less than about two weeks! :D


Does the vanilla mean beans or can I use extract? This looks yummy and I want to eat it!  ;)



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