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Porcupines (not really)

What you need: 

1 pkg. falafel mix
1c. prepared brown rice that has been simmered in veggie stock with cumin seed, salt, and pepper.
8oz. plain soy yogurt
dill, lemon pepper, and greek oregano to taste -or-
ketchup,tabasco sauce, and chili powder to taste

What you do: 

Cook your brown rice in veggie stock, cumin seed, salt, and pepper. Prepare your falafel mix and combine it with cooled rice in a bowl. Shape into balls and fry in olive oil or shape into patties and broil for 3 min each side or to desired crispness.
Serve with sauce.

Preparation Time: 
30-40 mins
Cooking Time: 


yum! i bet this would make a good "burger" patty too!


Can't say I was a huge fan of these.....Maybe if I had added more than the 1 cup of rice, or used less falafel.....the rice just got lost and they tasted like regular falafel to me, which I love, but I guess I was expecting something different.  I made a tzatsiki sauce as well, and unfortunately, didn't really care for that either.....


I can't express how much I like the name of this recipe! It's adorable!  ;D

(I must try making some not-really-porcupines...)


GREAT recipe even the meat eaters in my family loved it.  I am glad I doubled the recipe because my family ate them all. :)


these are so simple but really freakin good


GRRRRRRrEAT stuff! Man O man, If you cook any reciepe on here, this is the one to try. Trust me you'll love them!!!! Thanks


An absolute hit I must say!!
Thanks, I have made these twice this week.


These were an easy main course to prepare, were great reheated (and cold!) the next day, and satisfied the picky carnivorous husband to boot! I used 1 cup UNCOOKED brown/wild rice blend, which ended up yielding closer to 2 cups of cooked rice. I added 1 cup to the falafil (Fantastic Brand) mix, and decided to to add the other as well. I boiled the rice in veggie stock + red pepper flakes and a pepper blend, as I did not have any cumin on hand. The cumin would have been great, however... Anyway, I mixed the rice into the falafil mix still warm, and experienced no problems in forming solid balls and patties. I sauteed the balls and patties in about 1/4 inch organic olive oil for about 3 mins on each "side". I made a couple patties, but decided they were a bit too oily, and reverted to balls.

The rice was a great addition and gave the falafil a nice nutty flavor and crunch after the pan-fry. This is a perfect recipe to make your falafil a bit more hardy and filling without a lot of work or extra ingredients. I used a non-vegan (sorry!) tzatziki sauce for dipping, but it was only used sparingly, as the falafil itself had such a great flavor.

Thanks for the recipe! It's a keeper! :-*

P.S. Falafil or Falafel. Take your pick! :P

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