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Perfect Lunchbox Wraps

What you need: 

1 tortilla or flat bread
1 tablespoon hummus (i love cilantro/jalapeno, but classic works too)
1/4 cup chopped, pitted olives (kalamata, black, green, etc.)
bean sprouts (as much as you like)
small handful baby spinach (don't forget to rinse!)

What you do: 

1. Heat your tortilla or flat bread in the microwave so it doesn't crack when wrapping.
2. Spread hummus on the tortilla.
3. Place olives onto the hummus.
4. Pile on the bean sprouts and spinach!
5. Wrap everything together, and secure with foil (if you're packing for lunch) or enjoy
Source of recipe: Being a vegan in high school isn't so easy when it comes to lunchtime. So I experiment when packing my lunch. This wrap is my usual go-to lunch. SO YUMMY!

Preparation Time: 
about 4 minutes
Cooking Time: 


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