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Mushroom Grits

What you need: 

instant grits (cooked according to package and desired servings)
1 clove garlic per serving
sliced button mushrooms (or another kind of mushroom)
teriyaki-type sauce
salt and pepper to taste
vegan margarine to taste

What you do: 

First, chop garlic and mushrooms.
Cook grits according to stovetop directions. For a stronger garlic taste, throw the garlic in while the water boils before you add the grits. For a milder garlic taste, add the garlic while the grits thicken.
Meanwhile, add the mushrooms to a skillet. Stir fry on medium until desired doneness, adding as much or as little Teriyaki as you'd like.
When the grits are done, add the cooked mushrooms (I usually drain off the excess teriyaki at this point, but you could add it if you wanted to), salt and pepper, and margarine. Enjoy!
The grits don't have a strong teriyaki flavor, it just tastes very savory.

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 


I am at home today with a sick child. So I wanted to fix something fast and filling. Saw this recipe. Modified it. Soy for teriyaki and no salt-pepper or margarine. Added Mediterranean seasoning. Great little meal. Thirty calories for the mushrooms and one hundred for grits.


WHY did I never think of this? Thanks for doing it for me, oh Fufster!

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