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Margharetta Sandwich

What you need: 

Sourdough bread
extra virgin olive oil
dried fine sweet basil
garlic powder
vegan mozzarella cheese
large tomato, sliced
red onion, thinly sliced

What you do: 

Take two pieces of sourdough and drizzle one side of both with olive oil. On same side sprinkle both with a generous amount of basil and garlic. Place this side down on toaster oven baking tray. Place grated mozzarella on each piece of bread on the side you did not apply oil. Cover the mozzarella on both sides with tomato slices and place red onions on top of the tomato on one side only. Sprinkle basil and garlic over top of both sides and place tray in toaster oven set at highest bake temperature (400 F). Let cheese melt and bread toast. To assemble use the onion half as your bottom.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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this sounds really tasty i will definetly have to try it!!


I rarely say this about a sandwich, but this was awesome!  Five stars worth, baby!!  I used the Follow Your Heart mozzarella cheese and a big juicy heirloom tomato.  I pretty much followed the instructions except that I sliced the cheese thin instead of grating it and also added a layer of fresh basil leaves between the tomato slices and red onion.  Next time I make this I won't toast it in an oven.  It goes in open-faced so the onions and basil leaves dried out a bit.  I'm just going to do it in the skillet like a regular grilled sandwich and that should keep everything nice and moist on the inside! 

I strongly recommend adding the fresh basil leaves if you have them.  You could also spread the inside of the bread with vegan pesto.

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