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Low-fat Gingerbread Pudding

What you need: 

1/3 cup sugar (any kind, Sucanat works well)
3 tablespoons 807]cornstarch
pinch salt
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
2 cup soy milk (or your preferred "milk")
1 1/4 tablespoons molasses

What you do: 

In a saucepan, stir together sugar, cornstarch, salt and spices well. Add 1/4 cup soy milk, and blend to make a thick goo.
Turn the burner on to medium, and add the remaining soy milk, stirring constantly. Drizzle in the molasses while stirring constantly (I always estimate the molasses, you can use less or more, to taste). Cook this mixture until it thickens, making sure to stir constantly (takes about 7 minutes).
Pour into serving dish(es) and cover. Place in the refrigerator until set.
Feel free to change the spices to your liking. I made up this pudding to try to make a new twist on an old favorite. I've always loved banana pudding with gingersnaps, so I thought: "why not make a gingersnap pudding with banana cookies?" The cookies I made sucked, but the pudding was excellent. Spicy and cold and new-tasting. I've never had a pudding outside traditional banana, chocolate and vanilla. What a refreshing treat! It works well if you slice bananas into it for garnish. But don't use banana cookies! haha

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Cooking Time: 
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that was unbelieveably good! i had some trouble getting it to thicken up. i left it in the fridge while i was at class and when i came back it was still really watery. i dumped it all back in the pan and cooked it again, adding just a small spoonful of cornstarch and it thickened up perfectly. i ate it warm with sliced bananas on top. ah, it's so delicious, and really filling!


I couldn't tell whether I was supposed to be cooking this during the first step.  Originally, I didn't, but it didn't seem like it was setting up right.  I went ahead and put it in the fridge and tried again, starting with the burner on high.  This one looked like it thickened better.  But after they both had some time in the fridge, I thought they were both good - but the first version turned out a little more jelled (versus creamy).  I love the flavor of this, and (since I used sweetened soy milk) I reduced the sugar with pretty good results, too.


ok I did not cut your spices in half I left them the same and mixed them in w/ a vanilla mori-nu mates pudding packet and a box of mori-nu lite tofu in my food processor.  It tastes wonderful.  I don't know how much molasses I added I was like 2 spoonfuls, I wanted to add more and if I had it would probably taste more like gingerbread but since it tasted good w/ just the 2 spoonfuls I was scared to add to much.  Next time all add more, cause although u can taste all the spices and the ginger is really strong it just doesn't exactly taste like gingerbread, so more molasses next time.  Also if anyone else tries the mori-nu mates, again w/ the vanilla pudding mix use 4 teaspoons cocoa powder & 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract,if u like vitasoy peppermint chocolate milk u will love the pudding. But the choc peppermint one wont really taste good until it gets really cold.  :-)


ehhh i don't know if I did something wrong but the texture of this almost made me want to throw up, the taste was great though but could not eat it.  It was kinda sticky/gooey it jiggled like jell-o ehhhhh I just could not do it, it was not creamy and smooth like pudding. I had it in the fridge a few hours tried again and decided to throw it out, but when I turned the container upside down expecting it to fall out but it refused to come out it just jiggled, I had to scoop it out, it was weird. But I am going to cut ur spices in half and try them w/ some mori-nu tofu blended w/ the Mori-Nu mates pudding packet the vanilla one.  Perfect gingerbread flavor!


Can you subsitute molases for regular maple syrup?


This was delicious! It made about 3 1/2 custard cups full for me (and they are pretty full custard cups). Perfect for a couple nights' worth of dessert. I couldn't wait for it to cool, so I ate some warm w/ the whipped topping suggestion from bookmama, and yum! I love how spicy it is--a totally different flavor from any other pudding I've had!

My one suggestion: if using sweetened milk, cut down on the sugar if you want it to be *slightly* healthier. I used plain hemp milk (which has about 14g of sugar/cup), so next time I will probably use about 1/4 cup or less of the sugar. Plus, I really like molasses, so that adds some sweetness as well.

Great recipe! I will be making this over the holidays for sure! It would be delicious with an orange spice tea and a sugar cookie  :)


Mmmmmm. Very tasty. And I highly recommend squirting it with a dollop of Soya Too whipped topping. I love that the ingredients are so simple and that it doesn't make a lot. Easy to whip up but not so much that you're constantly tempted.


this is very unique and very good...I really wanted to make pudding yesterday, but I didn't have any cocoa, so I made this instead. It was a little hard to get over the feeling that I was eating really soggy gingerbread, but once I got over the texture it was delicious. I'll definitely make it again.


This is absolutely delicious.  I substituted Splenda for the sugar (although most people here probably won't?) and lower-sugar molasses to cut the calories.  I also used vanilla soy milk because it was all I had, and made only half the recipe.

I was worried at first that it wasn't going to thicken because of all my modifications, but it did.  This was amazingly good.  I'm in love.


Mmm... sweet and delicous!  I added a sprinkling of white chocolate chips.  It reminded me of this gingerbread biscotti recipe I made one time.  Yum!



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