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Hash Brown Casserole

What you need: 

1/2 package silken tofu
3/4 cup onion (minced)
1 1/2 containers of vegan sour cream (I use Tofutti)
8 oz vegan cheddar (grated)
4 oz vegan jack (grated)
salt and pepper to taste, and any other spices you like with potatoes (garlic, onion powder, parsley, celery salt, veggie buillion, etc)
1 package frozen hash browns (usually 2 lbs, I've also used the seasoned kind with great results)
1 regular size bag of baked potato chips or 1 cup of breadcrumbs
optional: 1/4-1/2 cup vegan butter
optional: chopped broccoli, spinach, or any other veggie you might want to throw in here for more nutritional value.

What you do: 

Mix first 6 ingredients in a large bowl. Taste and make sure your spice ratio is to your liking.
Stir in any veggies you want (I tried this with a small package of frozen spinach last time and it was great), and the frozen hash browns.
Put mixture in a 9x13, cover with foil, and bake at 350 for 40 minutes. Remove the foil, and cover with crushed up potato chips or bread crumbs. If you really want the 'Grandma version', melt some butter and pour it over the top (I think my grandmother added a stick of butter to everything she made). Put back in the oven uncovered for about 10-15 minutes to *slightly* brown the topping. Enjoy! This makes a lot so it's great for family get-togethers. Don't tell them it's vegan until they've gone back for seconds :)

Preparation Time: 
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I just found this recipe and will definitely try it!  Sounds really good!


Hey, someone finally tried my recipe! It's only been almost 3 years.  :smileteeth:

Broccoli is a great idea. It's not the healthiest of dishes on its own, so the more veggies the better unless you're trying to please kids or an anti-veggie crowd. I'm so glad you liked it!


YUM! I used Tempeh instead of Tofu... threw in some green onions, spinach, broccoli and a whole lotta garlic salt.

So delish!

Thanks!  ;)b


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