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Great Grandmother Louries Molasses Cookies

What you need: 

1 cup sugar
1 cup shortening
1 cup molasses
-mix the above three first-
1 cup hot water + 1 cup wheat flour, mix and let sit for a few minutes
4 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon salt
About 5 cup white flour

What you do: 

Mix together all ingredients, but don't let them get too dry with too much flour. They work best if you refrigerate dough until chilled, then roll, shape and bake about 8-10 minutes in 350 oven.
I have added the wheat flour as an innovation to her recipe, but I figured it couldnt hurt. I'm sure there are plenty of things you can substitute for the shortening and or vegan sugar, but this is the way I always make them. These are intended to be very moist and chewy, and can last quite a few days. They taste even better if you frost them with frosting. (I make it with a bit of melted margarine, vanilla, confectioners vegan sugar, and a bit of soy milk.) These are also not intended to be healthy. :) I hope you enjoy, and look forward to reading about what you all think and try with them.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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This is the recipe I submited a couple of years ago and I still make them every advent...  I would highly reccomend not changing the recipe, if you don't like the ammt of spices, fine, but as far as changing the shortning to margerine or oil or applesauce, not reccomended for these.  If you feel there is too much shortning, try a different recipe...  Also these are intended to bake flattned wich is why the other gal maybe had them take a lot longer to bake.  The puff up quite a bit, so they do better rolled out and cut into shapes or done as drop cookies but flattned a bit first.  They aren't supposed to be sweet, just very addictive, with or with out frosting, but frosting makes them all the better.  Enjoy!  My 6 kids and picky husband and I sure do!


I'm always on the lookout for good molasses recipes so I thought I'd give these a try since they haven't been reviewed yet.  I guess this won't be a very accurate review of the recipe as stated, but I actually made very few modifications initially.  I subbed half a cup of applesauce for half of the shortening but when I was mixing it up, the dough seemed stiff enough after adding only two (three total counting the one cup soaked in water) of the additional five cups of flour (WW and AP mixed).  I made one dozen but they hadn't cooked thoroughly even after twenty minutes so I added another half cup of AP flour to the rest of the dough (the first dozen were tasty even though they were really soft).  The second dozen (with the additional flour) cooked better in eighteen minutes, but then they weren't spicy enough.  I added more spices and baked the additional two dozens for eighteen minutes.

So, not exactly as described, but I did try to follow it closely.  I would suggest to start with double the spices (if you like them spicy) with three of the additional cups of flour and go from there.  They are a bit puffy, but they bake better when you let them go longer (I did eighteen minutes).  Overall, I would say these are pretty good.  Maybe subbing some of the shortening with margarine or frosting them as suggested would give them a little extra flavor.

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