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Fried Oatmeal

What you need: 

2 cups leftover cooked oatmeal, cooled
soy butter, maple syrup, peanut butter etc to taste
vegetable or coconut oil

What you do: 

Take the oatmeal and spread it into a square or rectangle pan (I use a 9x5 loaf pan). It should be cold enough that you can do this easily and it will conform to the shape of the pan, making a block or a loaf.
Heat a small amount of oil (about 2 teaspoons) in a pan. With a sharp knife cut slices from your 'loaf', the way you would cut bread. Fry the slices over medium-lowish heat until they are toasted on each side (takes about a minute or two, depends on your stove).
This sounds very simple and kind of weird but its awesome! My mom made it all the time when I was a kid so that we never wasted all our leftover oatmeal.
Here are some good variations:[br] - dredge slices in brown sugar before frying[br] - roll slices in a mix of graham cracker crumbs, crushed almonds and/or chopped dried fruits before frying[br] - dredge slices through finely shredded coconut before frying, eat with coconut cream after cooking (my favorite)[br] - make little dents in each slice with your fingertip, fill with small blobs of jam and seal up dents with a bit more of the oatmeal[br] - dip slices in flour and then soymilk, then breadcrumbs. Fry till golden brown (instead of just toasted). Eat with lettuce and Nayonaise like 'fish' sandwich! Hope that wasn't too confusing (it was a little hard to explain).

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 


surprisingly yummy and super easy... my oatmeal was super thick so it was very easy to handle... thanx! :D


This is a good basic recipe. Since I eat oatmeal almost every morning I always have a lot left over in my fridge. I tried the dipping the slices in brown sugar before frying idea and it was yummy! I also tried the "fish" sandwich and it was surprisingly good! I can't wait to try the other ideas, this recipe is very versatile!  :D

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