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Couscous, Seeds N’ Beans

What you need: 

drizzle of olive oil (1/4 teaspoon or so)
1/4 cup "raw" (uncooked) couscous
2 tablespoons chopped sweet onion
3 tablespoons flax seeds
seeds from one pomegranate (or other seeds of choice)
garlic powder to taste
lemon peel to taste
black pepper to taste
chili pepper to taste
dill weed to taste
1 teaspoon vegan margarine
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1/3 cup water
about 8oz cooked garbanzo beans

What you do: 

Bring water to a boil (I use a tea kettle, but microwave works as well); add to couscous, cover (cook to couscous standard directions).
In a separate pan, (you can start this while the water is heating if using a kettle) saute onion, seeds and spices together until onions halfway cooked (partially translucent) (about 7 minutes).
Add garbanzos and vinegar; stir frequently until beans are hot (about 4 minutes), add couscous, and stir until mixed well (about 2 min).
Different spices or seeds can be substituted, to taste.

Preparation Time: 
20 minutes
Cooking Time: 


So who knew that such a hapdash recipe could be such a gem?! The secret to this one folks is the onion/seed/spice mixture. As suggested, I put it on beans and couscous, but frankly, I would put this on pasta, bulgur, potato pancakes, a salad, pretty much anything - the flavor combo is marvelous!

As the recipe allows, I did not have pomegranate seeds handy, so used pepitas (pumpkin seeds). They were an excellent choice.  :)>>>

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