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Coconut Oil

What you need: 

Coconut Oil

What you do: 

Coconut oil is solid below 80 degrees F, so it will be solid at room temperature. Scrape coconut oil from container, and then rub it into your skin.
I tested it to see if it had some sunscreen properties and can report that I've had only one sunburn this summer and it was pretty extreme conditions that day and a full 12 hours out in the sun without the chance to reapply the coconut oil. [Note: Coconut oil is a 2 spf to 4 spf.]
FYI: I have extremely dry skin. People with oily skin might find this to be a bit much.FYI2: It also makes a nice hair conditioner.
Source of recipe: Thrifty discovery! I learned about this on a frugality forum and a BBC Series "Girl Friday".

Preparation Time: 
1 minute, Cooking time: O minutes
Cooking Time: 
O minutes
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