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Classic Rice Crispy Treats

What you need: 

1 cup light corn syrup
3/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon vegan margarine (I use Earth Balance)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 cups puffed rice cereal, divided

What you do: 

1. Begin by heating the syrup in a small pot over medium heat, then add the sugar to the pot. Stir continuously for a few minutes; you might start to notice it bubbling at the bottom. If it starts to become frothy, turn down the temperature some.
2. When it starts to look like it's boiling, add the margarine. Stir until evenly mixed, then add the vanilla, still stirring. If you notice that the syrup/sugar mixture does not boil, you can turn up the heat.
3. Meanwhile, in a very large bowl, measure out about 5 cups cereal. Pour the heated mixture over the cereal. Stir all ingredients with a heat resistant spatula making sure to evenly combine.
4. You might want to add the remaining cup or more of the cereal, depending on the amount of saturation you're looking for (I find about 6 cups cereal allows all the cereal to be covered in syrup but not too gooey; still crispy.) Lay out a 9x13" piece of wax paper, and lightly spray with oil.
5. When mixture is stirred to satisfaction, pour the cereal on to the wax paper, using the spatula to push it into a large rectangle, approximately 1" or so thick. Allow the rice crispies to cool until hard, about an hour or so (although sampling of a chunk of warm rice crispies is possible for instant gratification!)

Preparation Time: 
15 prep, 1 hour
Cooking Time: 
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I made these for my boyfriend because he mentioned multiple times how much he missed them. This is my first stab at the vegan version though I'd skeptically looked through multiple recipes (peanut butter?) and we both thought it was a very good rendition. Fortunately, my palate isn't as fine-tuned as some and I can't tell corn syrup from marshmallow from cane sugar. That said, I would use less of both syrup and sugar or more cereal next time for a better ratio. Other than that minor adjustment, these were really good.


This recipe is SOOOO good! The only thing people might wanna know is that it'll be REALLY thin until you let it cool--the syrup mixture looks almost watery, and the rice krispy mixture doesn't stick together like it does if you use vegan marshmallows (or non-vegan marshmallows for that matter, but that's nasty).

But NO WORRIES! After you let it cool, it's reeeeeally good.  :)  Thanks!


My daughter and I made these a few months ago, they were terrible. Tasted like corn syrup and nothing else. They were the worst things I have ever made from this site. I would really like to make these again because we used to love Rice Crispy  treats before I became a vegan. Can anyone tell me if there is a big difference with Brown Rice Syrup?


I forgot to mention, I replaced the EB with coconut oil, as I have been known to.


I made this recipe using brown rice syrup, Earth Balance and EnviroKids Koala Krisp. I don't know about the original recipe, but the way I made it was awesome!


My son's kindergarten class is making rice crispy squares tomorrow--  we made these today so he's in the loop-- vegan style. We added some chocolate chips at the last combining step, they melted in nicely. Brown rice syrup was an obvious choice in place of the corn syrup. They are just the right texture, sticking together well.  I even found organic rice crisp cereal! We used a bit more rice crispies than it called for. When I make these again (not often, but it will happen), cinnamon would be a nice addition. Even some almond butter with sliced almonds making it a chocolate almond rice crispy treat will be just splendid.


One word - AWESOME! I made these before I realized I didn't have six cups of Rice Krispies, so I had to dump some of the corn syrup and sugar out; I was sad.  :( I thought my Rice Crispy Treats were going to stank, but I finished them, and they are DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for the recipe! LOVE IT!  :D


all my vegan friends enjoyed this one very much. i left mine in the fridge over night and it was really really crunchy, so if you still want it chewy, dont cool in the fridge, but amazing recipe. thanks a lot!!


I made a 1/2 batch, but i shouldve made more! THESE WERE PERFECT!

THANKS alot!



I made these two days ago for myself and a bunch of friends who are also vegan, and am making another batch of them now. These were great! Tasted very similar to the original Rice Krispies and it was nice that you didn't have to spend all that money on vegan marshmallows. I followed your advice and added an extra cup of puffed rife cereal and it was perfect to absorb the sugar. Above all, hardly any ingredients, quick and easy to make!

Thanks so much!



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