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Chocolate Avocado Dream Pie

What you need: 

2 large soft avocados
2 cups vegan chocolate chips
1/8 cup soy milk, possibly more needed
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
liquid sweetener, add as much as you want depending on taste
pre-made vegan pie crust
1 tablespoon orange juice

What you do: 

Ok, so I will be honest. I have never actually made this before. But I have had it, and it was awesome. Only problem was that they wouldn't give me the recipe, so here we are. I intend to make this soon, but as I am unsure what to do I thought I would post my ideas and let anyone post variations or comments, since it is a recipe in transition.
That said, this is how I think it should be made, based on the one I had before.
Take a pre made vegan crust and lay washe'd and dried raspberries along bottom of crust.
In a double broiler melt chocolate chips with soymilk and vanilla. Add sweetener to taste. Mix well, and take off from heat after fully melted so that it does not burn.
In a separate bowl mash up the avocado, or pulse in a food processor. Add in orange juice, Get all lumps out.
After chocolate cools a bit mix it in with mashed avocado. This mixture should be thick and creamy. Test the sweetness level.
Pour over raspberries and place in fridge to set.
Enjoy! Top with a vegan whipped cream topping.
Maybe some agar agar is needed if anyone wants to try that out.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Is there anyway to just use cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips? I guess i can buy chocolate instead..

I dont have any cocoa butter or coconut oil.. so im not sure if it would work well or not...


I just accidentally reviewed the wrong avocado pie recipe.
THIS is in fact the best pie I've made. So rich... so delicious.


This was so delicious and rich. I ended up using more soymilk when mixing the chocolate than was called for, it came out almost the consistency of cheesecake. It was very tasty. Next time I think I'm going to try to add another layer of fruit to it (perhaps bananas?) to add some addition levels of flavour. Overall, absolutely delicious.


I just made this with a few variations: I added a banana to the avocado mixture and put newman o's crumbs as the bottom layer. I also decorated the top with newman o's.

its still cooling but the taste i did have was delicous!


Wasn't this done by Alton Brown on Good Eats?


I made this again, as like last time I left out the raspberries and halved the ingredients (I make it in a quiche pan), though this time I also added 1/2 pack of firm silken tofu which made the filling even creamier and really really good. You couldn't taste anything but chocolate!! It wasn't too heavy, and went really well with fresh fruit. My preschooler who at the moment won't touch tofu or avocado gobbled it and asked for more!!


this was yummy! We all has seconds, even my 4 year old who usually is he'sitant about pies. I used half the quantity of filling, and no raspberries as I only had a quiche pan to make it in. I will try it next time adding some soft tofu, or  a little more avocado to the mix to lighten it a little as it was very heavy and rich. Yummy!

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