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Chickpea and Potato Curry

What you need: 

1 can chickpeas, drained
Carrots (about a cup) cut up
Potatos (about a cup) diced (we used leftover boiled potatos)
1 can crushed tomatos
1 cube bullion
1/2 cup scallions, chopped
curry powder
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
salt & pepper to taste (optional)
cooked rice

What you do: 

In a large skillet combine the above ingredients, except the rice. Cover and cook until the carrots are done. Add a little water if it is getting too dry. Serve over rice.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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the seemed to be a pleasant mealtime for any frosty day! We employed 1 tbsp curry in addition to added a few minced ginger, supported with basmati almond. I do believe I might add some more produce next occasion nevertheless general a very wonderful mealtime! Digital membership cards


These has to be one of the most informative blogs I have red so far. The comments are very good also. I can't make criticisms since I don't quite understand some of its parts. But anyway, thanks. | | | |


This was pretty good.  I think next time I will either parboil the potatoes and carrots to cut down on cooking time, or do it all in the slow cooker over a few hours to get it more into a stew type of meal, and also add less crushed tomato, and add a cup or so of veggie broth.  I served it over red and white quinoa. 


These were yummy. I left out most of the spices since I didn't have them, but I added curry powder, a bay leaf, paprika, and garam masala. A big hit with my friends, and me!


I'm eating this right now, it is wonderful! The only thing I did wrong was not start cooking the chickpeas until after 8 pm, so I'm eating at 11:30. I used a lot of fresh ginger (maybe 2 Tbs chopped) and cooked the curry powder and onions in some olive oil prior to adding. I also used fresh tomatoes. After I transfered the onions and curry to the main pot, I sliced some zucchini into the frying pan, added water and a clove of garlic, and cooked. Curried zucchini!


MMMMMMmmmmmm!!!! I am making this right now and the smell is HEAVENLY. I did change some things though: i used 1tsp curry powder, 2tsp (ish) garam masala, 2tbsp Patak's Extra Spicy Curry Paste, dash of cinnamon, dash of cardamom, a bay leaf, peas instead of carrots (out of carrots, sauted onions first with 1tsp (ish) of tumeric and tiny pit of oil before I put everything else in. Now all I've got to do is wait for the potatoes to soften and I'll be able to enjoy a wonderful curry on this snowy Southern Ontario night  :) Thanks so much for the recipe!!


YUM!  This was a nice meal for a cold day!  I used 1 tbsp curry and added some minced ginger, served on basmati rice.  I think I would add a few more veggies next time but overall a very nice meal!  Thanks for sharing!  :)


This was really good, even though I made some additions.  I made it tonight and first cooked some garlic, ginger, shallots (didn't have scallions), cumin seeds, curry, and coriander in a little canola oil.  Then I added the tomatoes, cayenne pepper, salt, nutmeg, bouillion, garlic powder and ginger powder.  Then I stirred in the rest of the ingredients with about a half can of water.  I put a lid on it and simmered until the potatoes and carrots were soft.  Then I took the lid off and added some frozen peas, allowing the water to evaporate a little.  It was delicious this way!  :) 


This was very good, instead of using all curry, I put in garam masala too, it was very tasty.  I left out the carrots (becaue I didn't have any) and it tasted fine.

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