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Cheesy Macaroni and Cheese

What you need: 

2 cup soy milk
4 oz. pimentos ( 1 jar)
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
3 heaping tablespoon yeast flakes
1/4 teaspoon garlic
2 tablespoon cornstarch ( level)
1/4 cup raw cashews
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 16 oz. bag of egg free macaroni noodles

What you do: 

Blend cashews and pimento in soymilk (blender) until smooth. Add rest of ingredients. Cook in heavy sauce pan until thick stirring constantly. Medium heat. While preparing cheese sauce, cook 1 16 oz. bag of egg free macaroni noodles. Drain noodles and pour cheese sauce over noodles, mix well and serve. Melty Cheese makes good nachos with a can of drained rotelle of your choice. Experiment with cheese sauce and share with us.

Preparation Time: 
20 min
Cooking Time: 
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I just made this today and my DH loved it!!!  He couldn't believe it!  Thanks for the great recipe!  I made it w/o the pimentos.


Very good.  Very rich and creamy.  I almost didn't make this, because I don't care for nutritional yeast-flavored sauces.  I added a bag of frozen peas and some black pepper.  The pimentos give it a scent that isn't really cheesy, so I don't think I could get my junk-eating friends to try it if they knew it was vegan.  I'm have to try to sneak it in to the next potluck and see what happens.  Lol.


This is a great recipe! I used water instead of soymilk, 1 cup raw cashews, and about 1 tsp of garlic and onion powder. Next time I think I will cut back on the pimentos when using it for mac 'n' cheese. I served it with soy sour cream on top. YUM!!  :)>>>


awesome!!...I used a little less pasta and for leftovers added some canned tomatoes....yummmm


This a very good recipe, I added a bit of pepper because it was quite bland otherwise, but if you don't like to much spice its probably perfect as is. I triied both as the mac and cheese and in a mushroom lasagna, definately will be making it again, though I wonder is it not possible to get pimentos in bigger jars,


This was very tasty!  Didn't really taste like "cheese" to me but I loved it just the same.  It was kind of bland when followed exactly but we added a tablespoon of dijon mustard and it was super good.  Will definetly make on a regular basis!


This is the best cheese recipe I have found.  For just me and my husband as a side dish I usually cut this recipe in half and sometimes more.  I have found adding more onion, garlic, and salt makes it even better.  At a recent party I left out the pasta and made this as a cheese dip/sauce keeping it warm in a crock pot.  I wasn't sure about keeping the leftovers but to my delight the next day the sauce had thickened more and it became an awesome cold dip.  It reminded me of the taco bell cheese dip I used to get at the grocery store in my preveg days.  This is going to become a weekly staple.  All my veg and non veg friends like this recipe, I highly recommend it. 


I used non sweetened soymilk. Have others tried it with plain soymilk (which is sweetened)? I also substituted the pimentos with jarred jalepenos, it's very good but don't add too much or else it's really spicy. I've made other "cheese" for my vegan boyfriend, and this one was very easy and so so so very good!



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