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Black Bean Pasta Salad

What you need: 

1 package rotini or fusili pasta
1 cup black beans (out of a can or pre-soaked)
1 red onion
2 - 4 cloves garlic (depending how spicy you like it!)
1 teaspoon oregano
balsemic vinegar
olive oil
two bell peppers (any colour)
1/2 cup chopped rinsed cilantro

What you do: 

Put the pasta on to boil.
Chop the red onion and bell peppers into small one inch pieces. Put aside.
In a bowl, mix together equal amounts of oil and vinegar. Press the garlic and add to sauce. Add orgeno. You need about half a cup of this sauce.
When the pasta is ready, drain the water and rinse it under cold running water until it is cold. Drain it and toss it with the sauce. Toss in the peppers, onions, beans and cilantro. Enjoy!
Tip: This salad is best served cold - and let to marinate a couple of hours. For garlic lovers only!

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