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The Best Tasting, Simplest, Fluffiest Sweet Potato Mash Ever!

What you need: 

3 medium-sized (8 ounces each) sweet potatoes (I used the orange-fleshed variety)
3/4 cup lite coconut milk (lite makes them fluffier, use regular if you want a more dense mash)
1 teaspoon ginger powder

What you do: 

1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Farenheit. Use a fork or small, sharp knife to poke holes in all of your sweet potatoes. Once oven is preheated, stick your sweet potatoes in there for about 55 minutes, until the center is soft.
2. After they finish baking, peel them and place the flesh into a medium-large bowl. Mash the sweet potatoes with a potato masher.
3. Add in the coconut milk and ginger. Keep mashing until smooth, creamy, and oh so good. Serve!
I personally thought it was perfect on its own, but then again, sweet potatoes are like crack to me. You may want to add some spices to your taste, but make sure you try the original recipe before making any changes! After all, mashing in more ingredients isn't that hard.
Source of recipe: I have had only baked sweet potatoes throughout my life (At least two per week, actually) and I decided I wanted to try them mashed. So, this came about!

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes, Cooking time: 55 minutes
Cooking Time: 
55 minutes


This was really good. I have to admit that I am pretty new to sweet potatoes, but this recipe definitely motivated me to make them more often. Besides the baking time, this recipe was also pretty quick and easy to make. I really didn't have to add anything else besides the ginger, not even salt, which I usually add a good amount of. Thanks for the upload!  ;)b


I can't rave enough about this recipe. It's soooooo good!

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