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Asian Style "Chicken"

What you need: 

vegan chicken alternative
sesame oil
soy sauce
flour (amount varying with the amount of chicken alternative)
little bit of soy milk
optional: rice or veggies depending on how much you wish to dress up the recipe

What you do: 

-cook the chicken alternative
-slice in to pieces, strips works pretty well
-prepare a little bowl of flour with a pinch of soy milk mixed in (so that flour can stick to the "chicken")
-cover the "chicken" with the flour mixture
-pour enough sesame oil into a smallish pan so about half of the chicken alternative can be immersed
-turn stove to high until oil is beginning to simmer, bring down stove to a 5 or a midway point
-put a dash of soy sauce into the oil and mix
-put floured "chicken" into the pan for 5 minutes [longer depending on stove], flipping midway
-when finished you can absorb some of the extra soy sauce and oil with a paper towel
This is not such a good recipe for sensitive stomachs. Nice recipe to make when entertaining guests and looking to show them how good vegan cooking can be.

Preparation Time: 
3-5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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