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Ant Repellant

What you need: 

ground cinnamon in a shaker

What you do: 

Sprinkle cinnamon in a visible line along the periphery of wherever you're trying to keep the ants away. Don't know why but they will not cross the line of cinnamon. It doesn't kill them -- just makes them turn around and go away!
I've used this method in my kitchen, near my front door, and bathroom. The ants went away immediately. After about a week, I cleaned up the cinnamon and have not had to do it again. This is like a miracle to me because I live on what seems to be a huge ant pile and nothing else has worked in the past!
It's cheap, non-toxic, and worth a try if you're having an ant problem!

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okay, I am testing this.  I have an ant problem in my bathroom, they keep comming in and dying, I have NO idea why, I keep getting a pile of dead ants next to the tub and see them crawling around in and around the tub. Why they are attracted to the tub, I have no idea.  But after observing them I think I found where they are comming in, a tiny hole in the cauck luckily on the outside of the tub. 

Reading this I remembered from my gardening days that a mixture of red peper, and garlic in a solution of water sprayed on plants keeps bugs away. And I realized that cinnamin is spicy.  So I took a mixture of cinnamin, red pepper powder, and garlic powder, mixed it in a bowl with a tiny bit of water to make a paste and then using my finger spread it over the hole where the ants are comming in.  The mixture smelled aweful by the way. 

I will report if it worked.  Since I have a 16 month old son I want to avoid pesticides if at all possible!  He puts everything in his mouth, but I am pretty sure if he puts this mixture in his mouth he won't like it!  I will report later.


i just went out and bought an ant eater.  worked like a charm!  oh okay, im kidding! geeze, dont be so sensative!  :o


i've used coffee the same way.  i used one can of wicked cheap coffee grounds, and sprinkled them around the base of the house.  it works well until a heavy rain.  it must be caffeinated, as that is the repellant.

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