Five basic ingredients and the most deliciously sweet-garlicky glazed eggplant ever.
Tangy, juicy green tomatoes breaded and fried to a golden perfection.
Warm, fluffy classic blueberry muffins with just 7 ingredients.
Fragrant and beautiful freshly baked herb bread for your dinner table.
Scrumptious potato and soyrizo-stuffed taquitos. Perfect for dipping!
Crispy, savory potato pancake with onions, oregano, paprika, and basil.
Planning a summer picnic? Try this herb-rich, fragrant potato salad.
Make artisan pizza with lavish toppings in your very own home.
Moist, rich, and gooey—this is hands down the perfect chocolate cake.

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Hello Everyone, My name is Travis. I am a telephone lineman on vacation and have decided to change my life forever. I ha...
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Hi everyone! I'm checking out this lifestyle. This website is incredibly helpful. I came here to find vegetarian recipes...
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I am very new to this. I was wondering if anybody on here takes supplements. If so, What kind do you take? I just want t...
Candace21 7:29 am
I am brand new... i have a bunch of issues health wise... my Dr suggested i try going vertiaerian then after 6 months go...
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I hate it when people assume I'm not serious about being a vegetarian because of my age. I'm 17, but I've been a vegetar...
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Hello everyone :-)
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Hi,I just logged in and it looks I'm sharing my account with someone else calledKatie287. I can go to her account even.M...
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Why are vegans using margarine in recipes?   I know that is vegetable based but certainly is not a quality product?...
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Really getting annoying everytime I sign in to find yet another phony account hacked into my account and posting spam -...
NotBuyingIt! 2:21 pm
I am new at cooking so I am a bit nervous. Normally we eat a lot of easy food or take out but I want that to change. I w...
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