Tender cremini mushrooms tucked into the center of a flaky pot pie crust.
Brown rice stewed in luscious coconut milk, topped with coconut shreds and button mushrooms.
Creative and colorful pizza recipes with a bonus DIY feta cheese!
Rich, creamy layer of mashed potatoes and vegan beef on top of delicious sauerkraut.
Elegant and simple, this raw, green cucumber salad is divine.
A unique veggie burger packed with protein and topped with tahini dill.
Beautiful, tasty raw samosas with a side of mango chutney.
Decadent chocolate ganache with an ooey-gooey cherry-glaze center.
Mornings just don't get any better after a slice of this moist lemon coffee cake.

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Hi,I just logged in and it looks I'm sharing my account with someone else calledKatie287. I can go to her account even.M...
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Why are vegans using margarine in recipes?   I know that is vegetable based but certainly is not a quality product?...
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Really getting annoying everytime I sign in to find yet another phony account hacked into my account and posting spam -...
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I am new at cooking so I am a bit nervous. Normally we eat a lot of easy food or take out but I want that to change. I w...
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Hello! My name is Shilah. My family (except my 18 year old son who wants no part in it) started a 6 week vegan challenge...
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hi everyone! :)I'm Anne-Sophie, from Paris! Sorry to disturb you, but i'm new on this website! I'm looking for peop...
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Hello all!  I'm a vegan in the middle of Texas.  Breast cancer made me do it.  Before, I was just a veget...
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Hello all, I was hoping to get some ideas to prepare basic lunch and dinners for a first time vegetarian starter. I've n...
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Hello all, Im from the US in Georgia. Im looking to gain basic information about becoming a vegetarian  and getting...
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