Paprika and cumin-dusted faux chicken fill these wonderfully crisp corn tortillas.
Dress up your tofu fillets with a crunch pistachio coating and vegan parma-basil topping.
Spicy curried chickpeas and tofu seasoned with cinnamon, coriander, and red curry.
Fluffy, savory parathas dotted with fresh, fragrant green onions.
Brown rice stewed in luscious coconut milk, topped with coconut shreds and button mushrooms.
As tasty as they are beautiful, serve up these raw maple coconut cookies for brunch.
Hearty, moist gluten-free cake with bits of real apple baked inside.
Creative and colorful pizza recipes with a bonus DIY feta cheese!
Decadent chocolate ganache with an ooey-gooey cherry-glaze center.

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