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you tube -report on vegans

over 2 min. clip

I love the doctor's clip...she sounds so ignorant and am surprsied the teenager takes a "big pill for protein" everyday...kind of implying you can't get all the nutrition from food.

this is the biggest load of propaganda ever.......



The nutritionist said, "It is dangerous if you don't know what you're doing."

Isn't all eating dangerous if you don't know what you're doing?  How many non-veggies know what they're doing?  I would think that  a higher percentage of vegans know about proper nutrition than the general population, since vegans are consciously thinking about what they eat.


"they call themselves............. VEGANS"

how old is that clip i wonder?


oh it is old...from 1996 i did some detective work.


you can tell from the 90's haircuts everyone had.... hahahah... they've had to eat their tofu words now! and the fact that the "expert" was a psychologist? what do psychologists know about nutrition?


Isn't all eating dangerous if you don't know what you're doing?

LOL YES!!!! So true!!


Actually, I thought the clip was very good and well rounded.  It presented the vegans in a very positive light. 

I do wish there was the disclaimer that any diet that people eat can be dangerous if they don't know what their doing.  However, I do know from reading the "what did you eat today" threads in other sites that some teen vegans are dreadful eaters.  "I had a luna bar, a potato, and a carrot".  There is a risk of masked eating disorders with vegan teens, although it is unknown what the prevalence of that is. 

I like that the family was supportive of their daughters veganism and showed a delicious healthy well balanced vegan meal they were having. 


The only think that doctor said that is true is that this is not something you do if you don't know what you are doing.

Balanced, but ill-informed.  NO VEGAN who eats a balanced diet needs a protein pill!!!  WHAT is this preoccupation with protein in the US?  If you eat whole grains and legumes, drink 3 glasses of soymilk a day, you have your protein.

Any of us here who are INFORMED vegans who DO know what they are doing will tell you...stamina is something that is BETTER on a vegan diet.  We know where our protein is coming from, we think about it, we don't just slam down a hamburger and consider that we have taken care of our health.

Personally...I think that psychiatrist could use more fruits and vegetables, perhaps some soy.  She looks like she suffers from hot flashes and constipation.

Oh and um...leather clothing and shoes smell like raw flesh to me, never could bring myself to wear them.


Hmm, the reporter's last name was sort of ironic, eh?  ::)
Dragonfly, I'm curious: how do you tell someone is constipated just by looking at their face? hehe. Yes I do agree with you about the pre-occupation with protien. Yesterday I joined a gym, and when I told the guy about my diet, the first question out of his mouth was, "what do you eat for protein?" 


Did any body else have trouble w/ getting it to load? I was able to watch several other clips but not this one.


Dragonfly, yuk ick poo to drinking three glasses of soymilk a day.

I didn't understand what the girl was talking about when she said protien pill.  That didn't make sense, and I thought it was a joke.


I believe it is more dangerous to eat any meat. It is ashame that the media produced a report with a negative spin on being a vegan. There should be more focus on the health and ethical benefits that non-vegans and vegetarians posses. I know that years down the line I will be very grateful for the way I lived today.


Prettyin_Punk: hehe, you noticed the last name too  ;D


i thought it was actually well-rounded also.  i am glad that it showed clips of the way the animals are treated, which gives credence to the vegans' perspective.  i think if people saw those clips of the cows being pushed off of the back of the truck with their legs out from under them, they would have a sense of sadness. 

i think most people (who aren't sadists) have a soft spot for both children and animals and how they are treated, because they are viewed as innocent and helpless.  unfortunately, most people do not witness the mistreatment of either one, because it mostly happens behind "closed doors".  i think the average person who saw someone on the street clobbering a cow in the head with a hammer or a rabbit getting shampoo rubbed in its eyes, would be upset and would try to do something .  however, all we hear are "rumors" (until we see it with our own eyes) and they just don't want to make that connection when they go to the grocery store.



Yeah, some of it was all right, but I just couldn't help but think that they were making the vegans look like a bunch of rebellious teens or something. That aspect of it was really stupid.

About showing the cows being pushed off the trailors with their feet out from under them, well, sadly, the average person just doesnt care. My experiences of telling people what happens to the animals they eat and how they are treated, the reaction I get the most is, "so what?"

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