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Wolfgang Puck sorta making a stand

better than doing nothing

has taken up the cause of animal rights at his restaurants and catering facilities. According to the Associated Press, he'll:

• use only veal from roaming calves

• no longer serve foie gras, the fatty liver of ducks and geese

• use only eggs from hens that have lived cage-free

• use only lobsters that have been removed from their ocean traps quickly to avert crowding of holding tanks. His chefs will continue to kill lobsters by cutting them in half while they're still alive rather than using stun guns.

"We want a better standard for living creatures," Puck said. "It's as simple as that."

This was discussed in an earlier thread.  Not nearly enough but you're right it's better than nothing.  


The company wrote that it has started purchasing 10% of its pork from suppliers that don't use sow gestation crates. It also said it will start getting 2% of its eggs from cage-free hens. Burger King plans to double the percentage it purchases in both of these areas by the end of this year

I know its better than nothing, but this absolutley reeks of placating a few people until they are ignored again

oh well

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