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What are your favorite blogs?

I read so many blogs, I really love them and lately I've been getting lots of delicious recipes.  Just want to know if there are any really good ones I've overlooked.  I like Vegan Lunchbox ( Fat Free Vegan (, of course, here are a few of the other blogs I check daily for various reasons: Love Dr. Fuhrman! If you are at all interested in food policy, this blog is informative. Michele Simon is a relatively new favorite of mine--I highly recommend her new book Appetite for Profit. I really love frugality as a lifestyle. Finding ways to get by with less is rewarding and comforting.  I really like this woman's attitude--plus she posts good recipes sometimes!

And there is a huge list of vegan blogs that I like.  I'm always updating my list, here are four I'm reading for now (I'm always adding or deleting blogs from my must-read list): Love her sense of humor!

And a non-food oriented vlog (video blog) that I love, 'cause I'm geeky and love board games  :D:

So what do you read regularly?


Scott Adams' blog. Hey, he's a vegetarian and his Dilberitos were/are vegan.


Most of the blogs I read are all in the Anti Bush Administration / Anti Neo-Con category and have nothing to do with this board, so I'll refrain from posting them. It's just not the appropriate venue to get too political here.

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