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Vienna Won on the Bachlor!!!

I am sooooooooooo upset that that hooker won! I am seriously balling right now  :'( Anyone watching this show?

i watched part of it. he had a boner for her.

i love how it's "one of these women will be my future wife" and i'm like, dude, wtf? i cannot even get into it.


"Reality TV" is an oxymoron. That's not reality, and it's not really TV. It's the trans-fats of the media's a cheap substitute that looks like something it isn't.


i just hate that he thought with the wrong head... his dick... and yes i think he had a boner for her... LUST doesn't last... the excitement of that skank bag will fade eventually

i know reality tv isn't really like reality but i love it... drama drama drama... plus i only get like 5 channels and this is one of the few shows i actually make time to watch


well said. i just hate the ideologies about partnering going on on these shows. if we think we value marriage as a society, why have shows that cheapen it WHILE pretending to value it?

there is a GREAT comic somewhere... i think my mentor has it in her office... where it is something like a TV newsman saying "we here at FOX news don't like same sex marriage. we believe and celebrate the sanctity of marriage" and the next frame is "now stay tuned to who wants to marry my divorced cracked out mom" or something like that. perfect.

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