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Vegan Love Song

a friend of mine just posted this on my myspace. he did not create it, and many of you may have seen this already, but i seriously just spit out my tea (which, oddly enough, has agave in it!)

:D ;D

Vegan Love Song

You are the soymilk in my coffee,
the agave in my tea.
You're as sweet as a bar of chocolate,
as long as it's dairy-free.

You are the lemon juice to my avocado,
keeping me fresh and bright,
You are the synthetic down comforter
that I snuggle with at night.

You're as reliable as my MooShoes boots
that I wear in the rain and snow,
You're better than nutritional yeast,
in case you didn't know.

If you were a kind of soy product,
you'd be my favorite form.
Above all, you're the non-wool sweater
who always keeps me warm.

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