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Updated list of "cruelty free pet foods.

Here is the new list of pet foods that are cruelty free. It showed up in my In box from Peta this morning. I am glad to see that "Nature's Variety" is listed. That is the main brand I use (their Kibble and Raw Organic patties). Though I do use some of the others as well. Pets like variety in their diet just like us humans do. If you feed the same exact food over and over to your pet everyday, try giving them something new this weekend.  :) You wouldn't want to eat the same thing everyday, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Neither do they! ;)

Hope this list helps!

PS:  sign this petition if you get a chance!

Thank you!


ok, so maybe you can put this theory to rest for me, Davedrum, because I always suspected it was bogus. All vets (and most standard "pet care" manuals) suggest NOT changing your pet's food, unless they're transitioning from Puppy Chow to adut, etc.-- it's hard on their digestine, their stomach's revolt, yada yada, so you're just not supposed to do it. This always seemed kind of strange to me, and my dog will eat paper-towel tubes (and has been known to steal *gasp* chocolate), without any known ill-effects. So, you're saying variety is alright then? Do you gradually swap foods, or just give them a brand new food all at once?


Thanks for the list, i'll be looking for those foods  in the pet stores next. 

One of my cats is very obese and I've been feeding him low calorie diet food.  I'm hoping better quality food for my budget could become available.

Also, one of my cats is extremely finnicky. If you put new food in her bowl, even mixed with the old food, she'll turn her nose up at it. She's been known not to eat for several days as I transition them over to new food.  So the theory that animals like variety will probably depend on their different personalities, lol.  Just like people.  :D 


You can just switch from day to day. If your dog has been eating the same food for 3 years, yes it might be better to blend for a few days. Other then that, I have air tight bins that I put my food into. I switch different foods almost everyday. Plus I give them cooked food at times, and I also have  a few of them on "raw" diets. If an animal was in the wild they would eat whatever they came across at the time. Bunny one day, a few mice, a turkey, squirrel....whatever happened to be in it's path.  It will also munch on grass or leaves, plants, etc. Yes they are far removed from the creatures they once were. It does not mean they have to eat the same food day after day.Anyway, feel free to "mix" it u. I love seiten, but if I ate nothing but seiten everyday for 3 years.....I would surely HATE it at some point!


Thanks, Dave!  Hopefully someday soon I will need this list!  :)

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