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Soy Makes You Gay Part 2!!!

I can't believe this 'Minister" is giving nutritional and so called scientific advice! This is a HUGE neocon website. It's quite scary to me >:(! Notice at the end he says next week will be the "worst" news on soy! Hey everyone, you better stop eating tofu and run out to Micky Dees and load up on some burgers!  :o

Read about his so called qualifications here: click : about  :D ;) :o

Oh yea, I forgot to add....I just ate some tofu a few hours ago and have an urge to call my buddy to see if he wants to hang out! Must be that damn soy acting up again! (only kidding to all gay/bi peeps out here)! I luv u guys! ;)


From the promo for one of his books:

"Miracles are exploding around the world. Resurrections have happened in 52 countries recently, not near-death experiences, but the real thing."

On his web site, he claims to have "footnoted" these.  Ok.  I guess we know what it requires for something to be evidence for him.  I just hope that people have enough sense to investigate the story behind what they're reading.


Actually....sad but true, they DO believe everything that's written on the neocon site...look at the poll they have on soy!      click : view

The site is so biased that I got kicked off their blogs whenever I argued any points! They actually edited me out of the blogs! Censorship ....if you don't agree with them I guess. I posted under the name Adolf Bush (with respect to our Nazi Commander in Thief)

It is a VERY VERY scary site....poke around! :o


This is from Michael Kimmel (sociologist--big name in masculinity studies) from a listserve i'm on...very fun i thought.

This crazy story about soy "causing" homosexuality is a marvelous teaching
opportunity.  Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that everything this clown
says is true: that soy is "feminizing" because it contains enough estrogens to make
the most resolute hetersexual "turn" gay. 
  I don't have to point out to THIS list the way that assumes that all gay people
are men, and that this is another example of the efacement of women.  By their
logic, soy should actually be PRESCRIBED for all lesbians, to help feminize them
and cure their homosexuality.    (Just as gay men should be eating Manwiches.) 

humm....  ::)


here's the results of 2 polls on their site:
What do you think of the contention soy impacts male sexual identity? 
Have you ever seen Chuck Norris eat tofu? 18.39% (554)

Anyone who believes this 'science' will find Al Gore's pronouncements on global warming credible 18.02% (543)

I believe it's absolutely true 15.86% (478)

This is the nuttiest thing I've ever read – Jim Rutz needs to have his head examined 10.32% (311)

The Chinese eat far more tofu than we do – why aren't they worried about this? 9.29% (280)

Other 7.40% (223)

I can't believe WND would even print something this moronic 7.20% (217)

I think soy is bad for you but I don't buy the connection to sexual identity 6.01% (181)

That's inconsistent – if homosexual behavior is a sin, this would mean God punishes people who have a bad reaction to food 4.98% (150)

I know soy is packed with estrogen but I doubt that it has any effect 2.52% (76)


What do you think about eating soy? 
I don't eat soy. End of story 36.90% (1084)

Rutz is starting to convince me of its dangers with scientific evidence 13.61% (400)

I don't like the fact it's used as an additive in so many foods 11.88% (349)

Where did soy mania come from? When I was a kid, I never heard of it 11.61% (341)

It's a great source of protein 6.84% (201)

Jim Rutz is eating too much red meat and it's constricting his brain cells 6.50% (191)

It has unpublicized dangers, but homosexuality is not among them 5.21% (153)

Other 4.80% (141)

My partner 'Bruce' and I love it 2.31% (68)

FDA says soy is fine, and I trust the federal government 0.34% (10)



Sorry, Dave, once was enough (see this topic Part 1)...I can't waste my time on cyberwackos like this one...too much valuable stuff to read. :P


"That's inconsistent – if homosexual behavior is a sin, this would mean God punishes people who have a bad reaction to food 4.98% (150) "

I haven't visited the website--but am enjoying the ranting going on here. . .and that quote above is by miles the funniest thing I've heard since I can't remember when ;D


Oh me oh my... if only I weren't in a hurry today!  What a wonk!



Soy makes people gay? Wow.. I'm sorry I don't believe that. I am a bit confused about if your a gay woman.. Would it make you straight? Maybe it will make my boobs bigger?

Anyways, I personally think no matter if it makes me like guys more or not.. I'll still eat it atleast 3 times a week.


I'd be lying if I didn't say that soy has had a beneficial estrogenic effect FOR ME.  Let us gently say...I am finding I have more umm uhh feminine attributes.  Then again, it is probably menopause! LOL

The most noticeable things are feeling more calm.  I am not eating an animal's fear.  I am less angry, but again this could be menopause...

I am a straight gal and men still do it for me, they always will.  It isn't more so than it was 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years ago before I ever tasted soy.  We are who we are, straight, gay whatever.

My brother is gay.  THis is not outing him, he is out anyway.  He is of the opinion that I don't "approve" of his lifestyle because I am a Catholic.  It is not mine to approve or disapprove.  He is my brother, blood of my blood and we share a lot of DNA.  What I would want for my children, and for my brother, is to be happy have a life partner who is kind, loving and caring towards them.  I don't care if that life partner is a man, a woman or a giraffe, because that part doesn't matter at all.  I wish we'd get off this concern about gay marriage (as in give to them) and stop obsessing over what "makes" someone gay and lets start caring about real children who don't have families of their own, children who go hungry in this country (USA), families who don't have adequate housing, animals who are suffering over the gluttony of others, the diminishing rain forest, AIDS orphans and sufferers in Africa, global warming...and also encourage everyone to live simply so that others may simply live.

There, now I have said my peace. 

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