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The Simpsons - swap?

due to mom-sister miscommunication, they both gave me season 9 of the simpsons for the holidays. my mom bought hers at a store they don't have in out here and my sister got it on amazon marketplace. as such, i cannot return it.

would anyone be interested in swapping a season they have for the season 9 i have? it's new, unopened. i don't mind swapping for an open season (perhaps one you're tired or watching or don't like) as long as it is watchable and has the booklet (i like to scan for episodes when prepping courses). i like to show them in class and that is about the only reason i own dvds. ha ha.

i have seasons: 3, 6, 8, 9, 10

i prefer to swap with an established vegwebber. 

If one of them is unopened I'm pretty sure you can return it at Walmart and they'll give you store credit without a receipt.


oh, sweet. i'll look into finding a store that will exchange it. thanks!


BP, if you still don't have any luck, I have a good friend who is Simpson's obsessed. OBSESSED. And I could connect you two, for you know...the purposes.


I had a prof that used to show snippets of the Simpsons for our discussion. He made me think of it in ways that I wouldn't have otherwise thought about!


Season 9 is incredible! 7-10 are the best seasons, IMO

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