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scientists create a sheep that's 15% human!

Now they are going to raise more sheep so they can "harvest organs" from them for human transplants. These are not regular sheep...nope! They are "super sheep"  with 15% human cells, just like nature intended!  >:(

Even if I personally needed an organ, and there were none available, I would dig my own grave, crawl in with a good book, an ipod with my favorite tunes,  and wait to die before I would let them kill another living "being" to save my life!

That is extremely disturbing...


Wow that really is sick...  What is this planet going to look like in 100 years?  People running around with sheep organs, half human half sheep...  What is next???  >:(


I'm all for the advancment of science and technology--but I'll never agree with exploiting animals for human comfort.


Agreed. this is seriously just wrong.


I'm with you Dave!  I'd rather die than have some God forsaken (literally) mad scientist put a sheep liver in me!  The part about the silent animal viruses causing all kinds of terrible disease in humans is hopefully what's going to pull the plug on this evil scheme.  >:(


First of all, I 100% disagree with genetically altering sheep with human genes... that's just not right. I don't agree with cloning, genetically modifying any kind of food. I don't even necessarily like it when flowers are hybrid sometimes.

But this brings an interesting question of our ethics to the table. Example: what if (HUGE hypothetical situation here).. you had a disease, or were in a situation where you had to consume meat to survive. The animal was raised just for this purpose. I know the general public will have no problem eating meat especially if it meant their survival... but would we?  It seems to me that transplanting a sheep organ into a human (if viable at all) would be the same kind of dillemma.

I think I recall something about a baboon heart being transplanted into an infant to save its life. I'm extremely mixed on situations like this. If I learned something like this has been done to me, I'd make it a life's mission to pay retribution to these animals.


hey blackdaisies,
I just think it is morally wrong in any sense to kill any living "being" to give life, or to lets say, "try" to keep alive, a human. It is bad enough that animals are raised and spend their whole lives in horrible factories to become hamburgers, chicken mcnuggets (whatever those are), bacon, etc. To raise animals as a human organ donor pool, to takes it's life so that one of us can maybe continue to live, is just so very wrong.


Humans can choose to be donors, animals cannot. Unfortunately, most of the time, humans DO NOT choose to be donors or just take their bodies for granted. Unlike other countries, the US does not have a system in place that makes us all donors by default. If most people were aware of how precious their organs were, there would be enough to go around. But, most people's bodies go to waste after they die and lives lost because of this. Some organs, like the liver, can regenerate and therefore be donated while alive. I almost became a liver donor for my father. He finally received a transplant from a generous donor, but died about a year and a half later. And even though the transplant only gave my father a little more time, I am endlessly grateful for it.


Yeah, it's wrong, but it's kind of a heavy decision, isn't it. What would you do in that situation?

I know I remember conversations with people that if their mother was dying and needed a part from say .. a chicken or a lamb... to cure them or keep them alive, they would be the first to go out and butcher the animal to do it. What if  the person was yourself... someone who has and will continue to do so much for the world by rescuing other animals. If you weren't around, who would do it?  What if the animal that would save your life was already dead and would just be incinerated otherwise.

Do you see what i mean by this being such a heavy decision?

So many drugs that are used today... medical research (eeeps) that has supposedly saved so many lives... have been created with the death toll of millions and millions of innocent animals.

A while ago, sextuplets were born prematurely to a Jehovah's Witness in British Columbia. Some of the babies died because the parents refused to do blood transfusions. Eventually, I believe, the hospitals went over the parents head and performed the transfusions so the other children would survive.  If it wasn't 'experimental treatment' it's possible that the same will be done to a vegan.

I don't particularly think that the human population should expand. I think that if people kill themselves by feeding themselves cancer-causing and artery clogging crap, then it's probably best that they should just succumb to darwinism.  Though it seems cold to say, if an infant's life was failing, it's probably best to just let it go.  But what about good people who affect so many other lives? There are people like that in the world that a community would strongly benefit from having them continue to be there.

It's sad that people no longer pay respect to the animals that have died for their comfort. Even a prayer would have been nice, but instead, they're just 'mcnuggets'.

I don't mean to be so heavy but nothing is so simple.


There's a lot of "what ifs" there. Personally, I would still have a problem with any animal part being in my body. I just don't think it works. I want to head out now it's way too nice to be indoors today, so I'll get back to this later! You're pretty deep huh? (in a good way).


this IS a heavy subject. I think it is scary that they have actually done this, however, I have a cousin who had a congenital heart defect, and a pig's heart valve was placed into his heart. The pig was not part human though, a pigs heart is so similar to a humans, that their valves can be used to replace a defective one in a human.

This sheep thing is just crazy!!!  I know this sounds cold-hearted, but the planet already has enough people on it, why is it so important to go that far to save humans??

Pranabelly: I had always heard that you could donate part of your liver while you were alive, but when I have mentioned that to other people, they act like I'm crazy or something. My father may need a liver transplant someday, and I would like to give him part of mine (if mine is any good) if that would save him.


It isn't simple. It is an emotional issue. But really, animal organs are of little use to the human body. It would be murder for nothing. That is why these mutations are so appealing to people that want to harvest organs.


This is sad news.  None of us are immortal and our time will eventually come.  Why do we need to kill more animals to sustain our lives which will end eventually?  It's not natural nor logical.  Sick scientists  >:(


There's a lot of "what ifs" there. Personally, I would still have a problem with any animal part being in my body. I just don't think it works. I want to head out now it's way too nice to be indoors today, so I'll get back to this later! You're pretty deep huh? (in a good way).

Hehe, it's true, but i'm a 'what if' kind of person.  For me, it's better to put some forethought into something that may or may not happen then make the wrong decision when and if it actually happens. :)

I don't mean to be so 'deep'. But it's easy to say, I will never allow another animal to die for my enjoyment, but what if (yeah, the what if again!) it's your life. What if it's the life of your child's? Your loved ones? Even if it's the life of your pet?

So much of our medical advances is successful because of animal testing.  I don't agree with animal testing for cosmetic and vanity, but I will be honest, I'm pretty conflicted about medicine. 

I know this sounds cold-hearted, but the planet already has enough people on it, why is it so important to go that far to save humans??

This is what I'm saying.. does this apply to those you love? I know if I had a child, I would go through hell and back to protect it. Can we all say that we'd die for our beliefs?  I know I would probably draw the line at having part human cloned sheep grafted onto me, but I don't know if I would absolutely refuse life saving medicine made from animals or tested on animals.  Is this right or wrong? I'm not sure.


Don't worry Dave, I don't think there's anything even remotely resembling chicken in your actual Mcnugget. I think it's mostly recycled toilet tissue...or something...mixed with pencil shavings.
(Sorry, I couldn't resist that).
What troubles me is what troubles everyone else, about the "supersheep"--that and the fact that this is now the new thing, but what will happen say 15 yrs later? Remember Dolly who was going to change science forever, how she aged superfast and had all kinds of health problems, and died young? Doesn't look too rosy for putting bits of Franken-animals in humans! I just hope someone makes a LARGE idiot of themselves early on in the process of this before anyone (human or animal) gets hurt or damaged for life.
And, BTW, Dave, I can't get back to your original post without losing all this "valuable" stuff (hee hee), but I love what you said (and especially the way you said it) about digging your own grave, with the Ipod and the book...I agree. Gimme my Bible, my copy of Shakespeare's Complete, and a few other goodies, and I'll do the same. I am not as fond of life on this earth as all that comes to. No WAY are they going to put something in this body that is part animal, part whatever, and totally bizarre. (OK, I'm bizarre, we admit that--but not yet certifiable.)


ugh, I've read everyone's posts but there's just nothing positive that I can see in going this direction.  Why not spread the word about the importance of being an organ donor rather than using animals in this way?  :(


Remember Dolly who was going to change science forever, how she aged superfast and had all kinds of health problems, and died young?

Um...I thought dolly just got really bad arthitis and they put her down.  Correct me if I'm wrong though.

And no....I do not believe in animal testing for the pursuit of drugs.  And if my family was dying and they desperately needed some drug or something, then I would come to terms with their impending death, and hold their hand while they died.  Death is a Natural thing.  It might be the only thing all beings on this earth have in common.

I, too, don't see the point in prolonging life when you're just going to die in the end.  What, another 40 years?  That's 40 more years of polluting the earth and eating animals for most people  :-\  I don't see it as a good thing, even if it WAS my family. 

(Wow, that sounds really cold, it's just how I think, though!  And don't get me wrong, I'm an organ donor!)


I'm going with what the first poster said, "this is really disturbing".

Especiialy as one of the doctor's points out, we're making it EASIER for animal viruses to mutate and jump to being a threat to humans
by doing this.  :P

Ferret Research:
Ferret Resources:
Mahatma Gandhi:
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."


Also ironic that sheep would be "created" to serve as parts-animals for a human population riddled with diseases that, at least to an extent, stem from the very animal-based diet most people adhere to! Like robbing Petersheep to pay Paulsheep. Hmmm.  ???



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