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Rats take over KFC/Taco Bell

This is very loosely veg-related.  Here is a video about a KFC/Taco Bell in NY that had to shut down due to a rat infestation.

I wouldn't have eaten here, regardless of the rats, and I probably wouldn't want to eat at any restaurant that had a rat infestation, but I think these rats are really cute!  I may be the only one-- I love rats.  I like to imagine these rats are staging a protest against KFC for animal cruelty.  This is their very sneaky way of getting people to stop eating here.  They are so smart!  :)

I saw that video this morning just before going to work...
I don't want to eat in a infested restaraunt either but those poor guys don't know what they are in for.
I live in manhattan and  have met many people that say they have seen herds of them late at night in alleys and stuff, crazy! but i must say I love the little dirty buggers. I feel bad they are going to be killed just for doing what they need to do. :-(


Yes, that is inevitable, I'm sure...  :(


Go rats!!!

hehee  ^.^

And, rats can be very cute when they are taken care of--ie they are like pets.
They're just big mice with an unfortunate sounding name and an unfortunate history - bubonic plague bringers. 


Poor enormous vermin....
Actually, rats are pretty cool - the clean kind.  I know someone who used to keep one as a pet, and they apparently make excellent pets.  What cracks me up is that seeing rats in NYC is NOT unusual.  It must have been a REALLY slow news day. 


The evening news is covering this again right now. lol!


they did look cute on tv. one of my news channels did this story right b4 they did the one about the next wife swap epi. i dont know if they will air this story again along with the other local channels (rats not wife swap).

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