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OK, so what book would you like to live in?

Last week I asked what film you'd like to live in. Several people mentioned they'd prefer the original book to the movie version, which is so often the case. So what book would you like to inhabit for a bit?

I'd choose The Secret Garden first. And The Wind in the Willows. Mole and I have a lot in common!
For adult books, I wouldn't mind hanging out in a few biographies and autobiographies I know of. Not as the main character, but as a friend. Just sort of there.

I am bumping this thread and its 2 companions because there are so many new VWers and I'm curious about their choices.

And before anyone moans about reactivating old threads, just don't click on it again. No harm done.


My pick is definitely the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series! Can't pick just one of the books, though, so I'll go through the entire "trilogy."  :>


I think the only threads people get exited about reviving are the ones involving debates - the let dead skirmishes lay kind.

(I never saw this thread the first time.  I'll think about it.)


I tried to think of something more grown up, but the truth is that I want to live in The Story of Fourteen Bears, a book I loved as a child, which is apparently worth a good bit of money now... 



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