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'No Divorce' Initiative Lampoons Gay Marriage Ban

A man is gathering signatures to put a measure on next year's California ballot to ban divorce.  It's in response to all of the people who said they were voting for Prop 8 to protect the sanctity of marriage.  Here's their chance to put their signature where their mouth is.

--> 'No Divorce' Initiative Lampoons Gay Marriage Ban

That's hysterical!  Smart man.  And I'd like one of those t-shirts with the bride and groom handcuffed together.....


Posted this on Facebook. I'm kinda interested to see if any of my divorcee anti-gay 'friends' will comment.


I was asking for this several years ago when the "Defense of Marriage Act" was voted into law. I said then the only way to defend the institution of marriage was to abolish the institution of divorce.

It was even more ironic and hypocritical to see member of congress vote for it who were multi-married and/or known adulterers.

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