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My Sister's Keeper

I'm not really a Jodi Picoult fangirl, but I have read the book and just watched the movie...

Not sure how I feel about it. I didn't like the change of ending, and I think it was over simplified and over sentimentalised, but for a short movie they went a fair way towards keeping scenes and dialogue true to the book and some of the acting was good.

Any thoughts?

I do like Jodi Picoult. I've read the book, but I'm not going to see the movie. For starters, movies are rarely as good as the books, and also Cameron Diaz is in it, who is typically in comedies so I doubt her ability to play a serious role well. I just don't want to ruin such a good piece of work with a shitty movie.


Cameron Diaz wasn't that bad, which was great because it is a complex role and could easily have been disastrous. But yea the movie doesn't really come close to what the book is about, kinda felt a bit like it missed the point...


I read and liked the book, but I don't think I'll ever see the movie - the change of ending seems kind of contrived, and I honestly could never picture Campbell Alexander as anyone other than Robert Downey Jr. xD


Robert Downey Jr would have been amazing!

In the movie Campbell Alexander's role was so incredibly abbreviated he was barely in it. So it kinda didn't matter who it was.


The title of this thread intrigued me because I thought it meant 'My Sister's Diva Cup.'  Definitely a wtf moment.  I guess I've never heard of the movie.


Hahahahahahhahahahhahahaahah Oh that made my day. I will never ever ever look at the book or movie the same way again :D

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