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Much Ado About Blogging

Blog gods, blog readers, blog know-how-ers, I come to you with a question. I want to start a blog. There are so many options out there.. word press, blog spot, tumblr, and I'm sure there's more I haven't heard of. Is there anyone out there who can give me basic run downs on how they differ? I'm a total nood to blogging and while I have read them religiously for years I've never even thought about starting my own. I just want something where I can reflect on thoughts, post pictures of my adventures (assuming I happen across a new digital camera soon), projects, and just daily life. helpz pleez.

i use blogger (blog spot?) it works fine for me... word press seems legit tho too... blogger is pretty idiot proof and i always ask other bloggers if i see something on their blog that i can't figure out how to do. all the things you mention wanting to do should be pretty simple on blogger


I use blog spot cause it is ridiculously easy.  I mean I have zero computer skills as far as making something goes, and I set up my blog no problem.  You can see it here as an example.  And as a shameless plug, I am not afraid to admit, lol.

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