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More proof regarding hunters

Here's more proof that hunters kill for "sport and entertainment" as opposed to hunting for food. (The fine they received is a joke)  >:( . I can not understand those that kill for entertainment! I never have,  and never will. To be honest, it breaks my heart thinking about how those Turkeys suffered, and how afraid they must have been. :'(

"Anyone seeking to gain amusement from the torture of innocent creatures will be prosecuted and brought to justice." being charged 50 bucks

How can people gain amusement from torture?  :'(


>:(  This is despicable!! 


I think people who kill animals for fun, are no different than those who kill humans.
How is it any different, really?

It's one thing to kill to *live*, ALL of nature does that. But for sport....
I think that points to something off, psychologically.
It's just culturally acceptable to kill for sport, so it's not recognized as a "problem".

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