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Found this in my in-box this morning:
I know many of you don't use any dairy, but this still effects everyone.

This week, Monsanto declared war on dairy companies that have chosen to ban the injection of their cows with Monsanto's genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Due to escalating consumer demand, an increasing number of large dairies around the U.S. have declared themselves rBGH-free in the last couple of years. Monsanto, the sole producer of the synthetic hormone, has seen substantial losses in sales as a result of this voluntary movement of the industry towards healthier milk. Although rBGH is banned in most industrialized nations, including Europe and Canada, due to its links to breast and colon cancer, the controversial drug remains legal in the U.S. This week, Monsanto filed a formal complaint with the FDA and Federal Trade Commission, demanding that labeling of rBGH-free diary products be made illegal. Learn more and get involved with OCA's "Millions Against Monsanto" campaign by signing on to our petition.

I love how they are "demanding" that labeling of rBGH-free dairy products be made illegal! I guess it depends on how much "Bling-Cash-Money" they put in the Bush/Cheney kettle this year. Well, at least they don't have a rubber stamp congress and senate any longer. It's just time for big business and corporate lobbyists to get out of politics. BGH should be banned. Maybe when we get someone without ties to big business and big oil into the WH, the corporate control of our policy making will be put to an end. Funny thing is the majority of Americans, don't know or care about BGH. They believe that they need dairy and milk in their diet. Hey, the food pyramid says they need about 200 servings of meat and dairy a day, that along with toaster strudel, and pizza pockets! :o


Sounds like a good topic for a Fired-up Friday!


Awww... Monsanto's loosing profits.

They've demanded this before.  A lot of FDA people who sit on panels to decide these things have consulted for the same companies for whom they are now hearing a cases.  It's a complete conflict of interest and it's allowed.   >:(   >:(   >:(   >:( 

I think a lot of shady decisions are made when others think people are not looking.  When I worked at an environmental non-profit, we talked a lot about Monsanto.  I'm sure there are a lot of people opposing this with web resources out there where we can add our energy to their effort (synergy works).

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