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Menu Foods No Closer to Finding Cause of Pet Deaths

Just thought I'd post the update since it has affected so many people:

By Kevin Bell

March 22 (Bloomberg) -- Menu Foods Ltd. said it's no closer to finding out whether substances in its dog and cat food led to the deaths of 13 cats and one dog reported in the U.S.

Separately, the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sought criminal investigations into the deaths and a ``self-reporting'' Web site run by a veterinarian,, reported 845 pets dead due to the pet- food recall.

Company spokesman Sam Bornstein said in an interview today tests have come back negative for a variety of potential causes of kidney failure suffered by the animals, including heavy metals, mold and bacteria.

Menu Foods, based in Toronto suburb of Streetsville, said on March 16 it recalled cans and pouches of pet food with gravy sold under brand names such as Iams, Eukanuba and retailers' own labels after linking pet deaths with the food. The company has hired university scientists and independent laboratories to help it find the cause of what is making the animals ill.

``It's a puzzle,'' Bornstein said. ``We have yet to draw a scientific link between that testing and the issues with pets that have been reported.''


It may be junk cat food, but our fab five cats won't eat anything but 9-Lives canned food and they prefer the Cat Chow dry cat food but will eat Meow Mix.  The first cat I owned as an adult (Stevie) died in 1999 at the age of 18.  She had a stroke and was almost totally paralyzed.  :'(  The next two  (Angel and Cheyanna) that I got  before I took up with DH are now 11 years old, the cat that adopted my DH (Angelo Biscotti Ricotti Rigottoni  Baloney, aka Biscuit) is 10,  the next one we got a couple of months after Stevie died, so he's about 7-1/2 now. The youngest (Sara Michelle) is 5.  All but Angel and Biscuit are shelter cats.  Angel came from a pet store in the mall but they buy kitties from community members.  Biscuit walked up to my DH while he was working on his truck and followed him into the house and has stayed with us ever since.  I tried to feed the oldest ones Science Diet and IAMS when they were young but they absolutely refused it.  I'd be a hysterical wreck if our cats died from something I fed them.  Everyone who's animals are suffering from this have my deepest sympathy.  I'd go burn down their factory if it would help (just kidding, I wouldn't really).  What's scary is they still don't know what happened to make the food poisnous.    >:(


I just found this on msnbc:

"Rat poison found in deadly pet food" 

Another case of chemicals used in another country that are illegal here in the US coming back to kill those we love. 


Looks like it was probably RAT POISON! I can't believe it! >:(


Even worse, they say, "Rosowsky speculated that the substance would not show up in pet food “unless somebody put it there.” "

It's terrible to say, but it's almost like KARMA -- for killing and torturing another animals (rats), others end up dieng too.  :(

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