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Jack-In-The-Box TV ad

I would like your opinion on the new TV ad for Jack-In-The-Box.

Jack Jr. is at the podium (at school?) and he is reading about his Dad and his wonderful tasting Chibatta "something".  Then he says but I don't want to make Chibatta sandwiches when I grow up, I want to be a vegetarian.  The audience gasps, and Jack, Sr. freaks out and holds his head in his hands.  he is devestated.

The kid goes on to say, I want to be a vegetarian because when I take my puppy to the vegetarian he makes him all well.  Then Jack, Sr. and the audience relaxes and smile.  Jack, Sr. is not disgraced after all!

This is not exactly what is said in the ad, but for some reason I feel furious when I hear it.  What are your feelings about the ad.  I may just be petty.

Here's a link to the commercial if you want to see it:


Thanks for the link, volacious, so I could see what was response was just the rolled eyes typical of my response to most advertising...when you consider how much they got *paid* for that ad, it's even more pathetic. Ignore it, it might actually make someone curious about vegetarianism, who knows.
I suppose "Jack" and his kid are known figures, which would explain the weird pingpong ball heads? I just thought...oh, another couple of clowns... ::)
BTW, if they left the steak out, the mushroom-onion combo looks pretty delicious. As an ovolacto, I'll even allow the provolone...


i don't have a problem with this commercial at all. sometimes we need to lighten up have a sense of humor about things. i find this commercial quite humorous

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