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Interesting article on vegan restaurants not advertising themselves as such

I came across this article.  I thought it was interesting.

We should share info on where we eat because not every vegetarian or veggie-friendly restaurant advertises itself as such!

Is it sad that I'm tempted to casually bring my parents there while we're vacationing in Colorado-- without mentioning I can eat everything on the menu? :P I think  they'd get the hint if I ordered any kind of burger though. I mean, I know they'd be willing to TRY it if they knew it was vegetarian, but they'd already have it pegged as fake food, and insuperior... and they definitely wouldn't go back if I wasn't with them. Sad really, the connotations that go with vegan food.
I honestly totally relate to the owners not wanting the word "vegan" on their menu. But it DOES make them a little harder to find-- I've never heard of them!

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