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I'll have the toxic fish please.....

If you know any fish eaters, share this with them. If you don't particularly like them...don't! 8)

i read a article like that the other day, Ive had some nasty food poisoning before (the great garlic chicken episode of 2004....ough), but nothing near what that will do to ya

I used to get food poisoning at least 1-4 times a year (i like to eat at hole in the wall dives, they just have character) what a coincidence that I havent had one case since I stopped eating meat


I had it only once years ago, but it was really really bad. I was playing at the old "5 Spot" in NYC and had some food from there when we finished. I went back to my apartment and I woke up a few hours later really sick. Everything in my body hurt, my ears my eyebrows, you name it, it was hurting. I have to say that I had never felt pain like that before nor have I since...ever! It was so bad that I really thought about jumping out of my window or running in front of a bus to make the pain go away. The only problem was that I could not get the strength together to make it to the window, let alone my elevator.  :P

I wrote the owner of the place a letter and do you know what he did? He sent me a coupon offering me a free dinner for 2! I should have framed it as a memento to my happy occasion!

Oh...BTW I think it was the cheese cake (it was when I was still an Omni).


Yikes!  :-X

Within hours, his vomiting and diarrhea were so severe that he became delirious and was "reduced to crawling," he recalled.

The digestive symptoms lasted two weeks. After that, McGillicuddy became so sensitive to temperature extremes that it was hard to take a shower. Numbness in his extremities lasted for almost a year.

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