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Hey Davedrum, somebody in Georgia cares

I just read this article:;_ylt=AhRXd3P5kyrA_.l5YrSdIrxH2ocA

Another baby step, maybe.  You should write your state officials and urge them to make enforcement of the law a reality and to make gassing animals illegal at all shelters. 

I never knew they used gas chambers.  That's horrible! 

I looked it up and California, thankfully, only allows for sodium pentobarbital injections, so someone is there comforting an animal as it is killed.  I'm not really sure if that's the correct wording, but I hope you know what I mean.


I did write a few letters, sent some emails, and even made a few calls. I have been getting "tons" of emails from my local rescue friends in GA and trust me we are all "pissed off" regarding this issue.
I wrote a letter to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and they did not post it. I thought it was OK. I'll share it with you, let me know what you think:

Regarding the use of "gas chambers" still being used by some counties in Georgia to euthanize dogs and cats, I had a great idea to promote the state. Why don't you change the "Welcome to Georgia" signs at all the roads leading into our state. You will have to change the little saying underneath that says "Georgia On My Mind" as well.

Here's what I am suggesting: "Welcome to Georgia, The Nazi-Run State"! Come see our state of the art Gas Chambers, we'll even let your kids pull the switch! We promise you'll never forget us!

Well, as of yet they have not posted my letter in the "Letter's to the Editor" section. Maybe I need to "tone it down".....


Not terribly subtle, Dave...but then you knew that... :D

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