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Has anyone seen Earthlings on you tube?

oh my god....I was crying crying when I saw this    :'( :'(.

Its a 3 part video on the slaughterhouses and other things. VERY VERY graphic.  I never made the connection to leather and animals...even being a mostly vegan.  Not that I buy these products but didnt even cross my mind!

There was a HORRIBLE scene about skinning...I dont want to even go into it too much its that graphic BUT I dont know ANYONE who could eat meat after watching this or at least DEFEND it....  Really!

I'm glad I saw this though.

It made my committment to abstain from eating the d*mn junk food the teachers bring in (with hidden milk and egg products) stronger.  I keep thinking I should be able to "sacrifice" these treats-which I would NEVER buy on my own since there so BAD for you. 

crap, i watched the trailer for earthlings last night and was bowled over in tears.. they don't have it on netflix for some reason though.


I know the scene you are talking about - the fox. I watched the first 10 minutes of this and then saved it and asked my BF to watch the rest with me - give him a bit of background on why I am vegan, in a graphic style that usually sticks with people, as sick as that is.. Sometimes when you are craving Dunkin Donuts you just gotta sit down and watch some of the footage that reminds you why you're vegan.. But oh man.. When that scene with the fox came on I started bawling and had to get up and go sit in the bathroom and cry it out for a good 10 minutes. My poor BF was freaking out trying to calm me down. It was horrible.

:'( :'( :'(


I haven't seen it yet, but it's good to know it's on youtube. I think I'll try to get my SO to watch it with me too!

It's not on netflix probably for the same reason I can't order a lot of AR stuff for my video store... The films just aren't available through "mainstream" distributers. We get a lot of bootleg stuff and rent it for free. shhh.


I just watched part 1.  All I can say is, people are @#$&ing sick.  I am so sad and angry right now.  I just can't believe people do this.

I think I'll try to watch the rest over the next two days.  I can't watch this all in one sitting.

Thanks for posting about this movie.  I'm glad it's on the web.  Hopefully it will reach many people who don't yet realize how horrible animals have it.


Thank you for sharing this.  It is VERY difficult to watch, but everyone should see it.

I love our dog, our bunny, our budgies and my parrot.  I could not would not treat them any differently than I do my kids, not any less love, care or concern.  I have never seen where a cow, a pig or a lamb is any different than my pets.  They are not stupid animals, they are merely not human. 

If you read Genesis, it states clearly that we, humans, are the STEWARDS of animals.  Stewardship doesn't include feasting on flesh.

This only increases my desire to remain vegan.

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