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"green" eco-weddings....

I just read this and thought I'd share. I know someone posted recently about an upcoming wedding and wanted vegan food ideas....This sounds like a great idea. Different, but it sounds like a great way for a couple to start a life together....sounds like they'd be starting down the right track in my book....

I guess some people are starting to "get it" when it comes to being green, caring about the planet, and the impact each and everyone of us makes. It would be great to see this "trend" carry over to all other types of celebrations, corporate parties, etc.

I hate to admit - but I watched the Oscars this year...Leonardo DiCaprio along with Al Gore stated that this was the first yeat the Oscars were officially "green".  I highly doubt that, but it was a nice thought.  I personally think Al Gore should of won more Oscars for his documentary.
At least I am doing my share of being as green as possible...but I really don't think the whole Oscar's shabang was green... :-\


I subscribed to that ideal bite eco tips newsletter thing, and a while ago they had a week featuring green weddings. They recommended going vintage by reusing somebody else's wedding dress and gave places you could find gowns made from hemp silk. They gave plenty of other ideas as well, and concluded that it really was ok to shower the couple with rice- it won't kill the birds.


if anyone on here lives in north east US, vegan treats in Bethlehem PA (just an hour north of philly, hour south of NY) makes vegan wedding cakes.  this is one reason why i would like to get married soon.  i want a vegan wedding cake now!


Veg News magazine does a feature on vegan weddings every spring, where they highlight how vegans in different cities made their weddings totally vegan.  When I was planning my wedding, I ordered all the back issues of Veg News featuring vegan weddings because they have great ideas and list bakeries and caterers for each event they feature.  If you live in or near a major urban center, it's likely that they've featured a wedding in your city which can help you access local vegan caterers, etc.  We had two receptions in different locations and for the second, which was in San Diego, I found my vegan wedding cake baker through one of the weddings in Veg News that had taken place in San Diego.  I grew up my entire life in San Diego and despite being a vegetarian for a lot of that time, had never even heard of this vegan bakery (which made me a FANTASTIC cake for a totally reasonable price).  So, if you're a vegan getting married, I'd totally recommend picking up Veg News' wedding issues.  Sure beats "Modern Bride," or whatever!  This month's issue (April) happens to be the yearly vegan wedding issue (not that this is the only thing in the magazine, though), and there's at least 1 totally green. 100% sustainable vegan wedding featured.

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