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Good For San Francisco, No more plastic bags!

San Francisco voted to ban non- biodegradable plastic bags used by supermarkets, drug stores and other large retailers. This should be the law of the land. Not just here in the states, but in every country.

There are so many better options. They look at me like I am "evil" for bringing my own bags to my local super market. Really! :o

It's a start! I just wish so many people didn't have to be forced into doing the right thing. ::)

I just wanted to post this site again for any one who wants good bags at super low price. I bought a bunch and gave them out as gift wrapping. Several of my friends have taken the hint and are using them on a regular basis.


YAY SF!!  :D

Hey those look like good quality bags tanevab!
AWW BOO! They are out of stock until mid-April though.
Super low price, huh?  :)  How much do they run???

I'm always drooling over the bags here:
But the heavy-duty ones are pretty pricey.  :(


Jennifer, I had not found the reusable bag site. Thanks for the tip. Love the produce bags and the sandwich "wrap." Gotta get me some of those. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have plenty of tote-sized bags 'cause I'd like some of the organic cotton ones, too.


I know, aren't the produce bags cool????????


Using them as gift wrap is a really great idea!


WOW... from

Top 5 reasons to bring your own reusable bag:

1.  The petroleum in 14 plastic bags could drive a car a mile.

2.  Americans throw away over 14 billion plastic bags every year.

3. 70% more global warming gasses are emitted making a paper bag than a plastic bag.

4.  Paper bags do not biodegrade in landfills.

5.  Cities spend up to 17 cents per bag in disposal costs.

....Wouldn't it be great if GW told the country, "If you use plastic bags, the terroists will win."
14 plastic bags can drive a car A MILE?? Holy sh*t!


Re using them as gift bags:

Yeah, but unless you are giving the gift to someone in the family so you can get it back, that makes for pretty expensive gift wrap. I doubt that other people that I give gifts to would even think to use it for someone else. Still, I'd also feel funny about asking for the bag to be returned to me.  :P


The bags from one bag @ a time  run 10 for $28 including shipping.

It ends up being less than some of the 'gift bags' they sell.
I want the person receiving the gift to keep the bag and use it ;)

They are not as heavy as canvas but I can load them FULL and don't have a problem. They are not as stylish as some on the other site but quite functional. They are even made to fit in the bagging stands that the suppermarkets use. They also stand up nicely in the car w/o collapsing and spilling stuff all over.

I wish I ate more sandwiches so I could get one of those sandwich wrappers. :)  :)


....Wouldn't it be great if GW told the country, "If you use plastic bags, the terroists will win."

Don't even get me going! ;)

Well at least his plan to put roads into our national forests and cut down all of our trees was over turned today! Nice to see him having a bad day. Looks like everyday is a "bad day" for him at this point. Now I'll be good and go sit on my hands to keep myself from going any further about "dubya"!!!!


I love reusable bags.  Whole Foods has a great insulated one for like $6 that keeps your groceries cold (or warm ???) until you get home.  Great for people like me that drive a little ways to get to their natural food store!

This got me searching for a new lunch bag and I came across this website:

I really like those string bags, does anyone use those for groceries?

Thanks for posting this Dave, I just read that Zanzibar recently made plastic bags illegal, and I wanted to post a thread on this very topic!  8)  I also read that Paris is soon going in the same direction...  Hopefully the whole world catches on quickly!


I have a couple of string bags that I use rarely. I do keep one inside the car for unexpected trips to any store since the bags take up little space. My canvas totes are in the trunk always at hand for larger trips. I don't prefer the string bags, though, because things fall through or stick out. They just don't load as well somehow. I guess you'd say they are my "fall-back" bag.  ;)


I started bring my own tote bags to the HEB a couple of weeks ago.  I noticed the other day that some other people here (in Uvalde, Texas!) are doing the same thing.  The checkout clerk and sackers seemed a little confused at the concept at first but they're starting to get more used to it.  One nice thing is they've never made me feel like they're mad at me or think I'm crazy.  Sometimes the concept of Tejas is achieved!


I wonder if any grocery stores would agree to give customers a rebate if they used reusable bags. It you could get back a few cents for every dollar you sepent you could save a few dollars per trip to teh store adn this would get more peoepl using cloth bags....hummm...i think i just thought of my next activism letter to write


Some grocery stores do! At least when I was in college they did. Some give you 5 cents per bag that you return (if you bring back the paper ones to reuse) some take 5 cents off for every bag that they don't have to use.... etc. it's not advertised though and i'm not sure all the checkers always know about it.


My grocery store gives 5 cents for using re-usable bags, per bag...  and I am *pretty* sure that when I was living in Pittsburgh, one of the stores there gave you 5 cents for saying "no bag" which also makes sense.  I'm not going to quibble over a nickel but it seems strange to me that I will get 5 cents for using a canvas bag but I won't get any credit for tossing all my stuff bag less in the bottom of my son's stroller. 

Trader Joe's here has a drawing every week for a $25 gift certificate...  for each bag you bring and use (and it can be any kind of bag) you get a raffle coupon and put your name in the drawing.  I think this is a cool idea...  I've never managed to win yet though.  Maybe some day. 


A couple of Whole Foods stores that I have gone to give you 5 cents off each bag for using your own. I'm not sure whether they all do, though. The last time I went through the line the checker was so impressed that I was using my own containers for bulk that she gave me $1 off. I suppose (and certainly hope) they have the "authority" to do that. One has also given us credit for more bags than we have. It pays to be a regular and to be friendly with the checkers. We have one that calls us by name!

And, JenniferHughes, I ordered some produce bags and a set of sandwich covers last night. Can't wait for them to arrive.


i cam upon some plastic silverware at my local hippy store (i use that term in a pro/con way, but thats another story). I was shocked to see them carry plastic silverware, since its an animal product free market. Turns out they can make plastic out of corn! And its if they can do that, why cant they make plastic bags the same way?


They do have biodegradable plastic bags made from corn. Check these out:


wow, i knew someone would have those

i think ill suggest these to the local co-op and hippy store and such, i certainly wouldnt care throwin in another 10-25 cents on my purchase to cover the cost on each purchase


I'm a proud canvas bag toter.

I have about 3 or 4 reusable bags that I purchased about a decade ago during an earlier consumer phase of eco-trendiness. I still have those bags. I can fold two of them up really tiny and stuff them into my small purse in case I find myself on an impromptu shopping run. One bag each can carry 2 plastic shopping bags worth.

It's easy to find where GW's lack of motivation regarding climate change comes from... he's got too much stake in oil companies to actually agree with what over one hundred scientists from around the world have to say about it. 



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