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Free book

I was going to put this link in the thread that discussed whether or not it was OK to eat dairy and eggs but by the time I remembered where I had downloaded the book, the discussion had turned to B-12.


"Vegan:  The New Ethics of Eating" is available as a free download pdf file.  I've been reading it and it's solidified my resolve to be not just vegetarian but vegan and to feed my beloved hubby vegan foods as well. 

I was noticing this morning that his pot belly is nearly flat.  He used to look like he was about 8 months pregnant!  I'm so proud of him because he has ample opportunities to eat mass quantities of high calorie junk but he doesn't.  I'm losing weight too but I still have so much more to lose.

The weight loss is now not the most important reason why I don't eat animal products anymore.  The cruelty in the meat producing industries is so appalling it's almost beyond words to describe.  I cannot be a beneficiary of it anymore.  I just hope I don't find myself trapped in a situation like the one after my stress test on Feb. 6th.  (I had to eat something fatty and I'd paid for a pizza buffet that had no veggie pizza.) 

Thanks TinTexas, I downloaded it!


Thank you. I will pass this along.

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